Financial and Other Support


Apply for a severely disabled person's ID card with or without token

If you are severely disabled, you are entitled to free public transport or a vehicle tax reduction under certain conditions.

Apply for a severely disabled person's pass

If you have been determined to be severely disabled, then you can apply for the issuance of a severely disabled person's ID card.

Apply for advance payment of maintenance for children of single parents

If you are a single parent and do not receive child support from the other parent or receive it only irregularly, you can apply for an advance on child support.

Apply for home health care for people with statutory health insurance

If you need a qualified caregiver at home due to an illness, you can apply for home health care from your statutory health insurance. You will need a doctor's prescription for...

Apply for motor vehicle tax relief for severely disabled persons

If you are the owner of a motor vehicle as a severely disabled person, you can apply for a motor vehicle tax credit under certain conditions.

Approve equality of disabled people with severely disabled people

As a person with disabilities, you can be treated the same as severely disabled persons under certain conditions.

Assistance in special circumstances (social assistance)

If you need help in special circumstances, then you can claim benefits from other social assistance.

Basic benefits for old age and reduced earning capacity (social assistance)

Is your income in old age or in the event of a full reduction in earning capacity not sufficient to cover your necessary living costs? Then you can apply for basic income support.

Broadcasting fee in the private sector Exemption

If you receive state social benefits, you can be exempted from the broadcasting fee. The same applies to deaf-blind people and recipients of assistance for the blind.

Compensation under the Infection Protection Act Grant for compensation for loss of earnings

Are you no longer allowed to work due to infection control and have lost earnings as a result? Find out here how you can be reimbursed for lost earnings.

Compensation under the Infection Protection Act Grant for loss of earnings compensation for persons entitled to care

Your child is affected by a school or daycare closure and you can no longer work because of it? Find out here how you can be reimbursed for lost earnings.

Compensation under the Infection Protection Act Grant for reimbursement of uncovered operating expenses

Have you had to close your business or practice due to an activity ban or quarantine? Here you will find information on how to be reimbursed for continuing non-covered operating...

Disability assistance

If you want to claim integration assistance for disabled people, you must apply for it.

Drug counseling

Legal and illegal drugs are an integral part of our lives. Their use can become addictive and damage health. But social relationships can also suffer considerable damage as a...

Early intervention for children with disabilities

If your child has a disability, then you may be eligible for a variety of early intervention services for your child.

Emergency services of panel (dentists) physicians

For medical emergencies, various care services are available from emergency services outside of opening hours.

Granting help for care from social assistance

If you are in need of care and the benefits provided by the long-term care insurance fund and your income and assets are not sufficient, you can receive long-term care...

Guardianship: appointing a supplementary guardian

Under certain circumstances, a supplemental guardian may be appointed in addition to the parents' custody of a child or youth.

Information on the novel coronavirus

The Federal Ministry of Health, the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) and the Federal Center for Health Education (BZgA) publish current information and advice on the novel coronavirus.

Long-term care insurance benefits

If someone is no longer able to care for themselves on their own, it is generally possible to claim benefits from long-term care insurance if the prerequisites for this are met....

Organ Donation

If you wish to donate your organs after your death, you can indicate this on an organ donor card.

Parking permit and parking facilitation for severely disabled persons

As a severely disabled person, you can receive a parking permit and parking facilitations under certain conditions. You must apply for these.

Provide aids to health

If you do not have health insurance and are receiving short-term living assistance, you may be eligible for health care assistance benefits.

Request disability determination

If you have a disability and meet the legal requirements, you can apply for recognition of severe disability.


Emergency rescue includes life-saving measures for injured or ill persons whose lives are in danger or who are in danger of serious damage to their health.

Self-help groups

Many problems can benefit from a self-help group. Together with other affected people, one can exchange information about therapy options or receive tips for everyday life,...

Sensory Disability Benefit

Blind, deaf or deaf-blind people who have their residence or usual place of abode within the meaning of Section 30 (3) of the First Book of the Social Code in Thuringia receive...

Sensory disability allowance decision: objection

If you do not agree with a decision according to the Thüringer Sinnesbehindertengeldgesetz (ThürSinnbGG), you can file an objection against it. When the objection is filed, the...

Taking narcotics with you when traveling abroad Certificate

As a patient, you are allowed to export or import narcotics prescribed by your doctor as travel necessities in quantities appropriate for the duration of a trip. When traveling...

Vaccination damage

If you have suffered damage to your health as a result of a vaccination or other specific prophylactic measure, you are entitled to compensation under certain conditions.

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