Citizens Making the Politics / Elections


Absentee ballot

If you are unable to appear in person at the polling station on election day, you can request that your ballot be sent to you in advance, along with your absentee ballot...

Certificate of Eligibility

Candidates wishing to stand for election must prove that they are eligible when submitting their nomination. For more information and the legal basis: see link

Certificate of eligibility

If you want to participate in an election as a candidate, then you must submit the so-called support signatures of citizens who are entitled to vote in order to be eligible for...

Citizen participation

The opportunities for citizen participation are derived from Articles 20 (2) and 28 (1) of the Basic Law (Grundgesetz - GG) and Articles 45 and 93 of the Constitution of the...

Citizens' Initiatives

A citizens' initiative is a community founded on the basis of a specific cause. It does not have a specific legal form. The goal of a citizens' initiative is to influence public...

Election of the local people's representation

Here you will find information on the organization of elections.

Election workers

As a citizen entitled to vote, you can lead the election proceedings on election day in the election committees as an election chairman or assessor and determine the provisional...

Petition to the Thuringian Parliament

The Petitions Committee formed by the Thuringian State Parliament decides on the civil requests and complaints submitted to it, the so-called petitions.

Public meeting - register

If you want to hold a public open-air assembly or a procession, then you must register this with the relevant authority.

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