Support and Financial Relief


Apply for BAföG abroad

You want to study abroad, do an internship or complete a school education? Find out about financial support here.

Apply for BAföG for studies

You can receive financial support for your studies or internship if your parents do not have a higher income or if you have already been employed for a longer period of time...

Art and culture promotion by the Free State of Thuringia

Project funding in the arts and culture sector serves to provide targeted support for projects carried out by natural persons and legal entities recognized as non-profit...

Education grant repayment

If you received BAföG support during your studies, you must repay the loan portion.

Gifted and Talented

Support for the gifted in Germany consists mainly of state-funded study grants awardedby gifted support organizations and foundations to particularly gifted students, usually in...

Vocational guidance

Making the right decision is not easy - especially when it concerns the choice of career and thus one's own future. Many questions arise on the way to professional life. That's...

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