Guardianship law

Can an adult cannot manage his or her own affairs, a guardian is appointed to assist the person under guardianship to manage his or her own affairs legally and to act as the...

Guardianship: appointing a supplementary guardian

Under certain circumstances, a supplemental guardian may be appointed in addition to the parents' custody of a child or youth.

Have low-threshold offers in the care sector recognized

If you want to offer low-threshold care services for people in need of care, you must first have them recognized.

Home Care

You can apply for a place in a home if you are in a special needs situation.

Information on the novel coronavirus

The Federal Ministry of Health, the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) and the Federal Center for Health Education (BZgA) publish current information and advice on the novel coronavirus.

Obligation to register during stay in hospital or nursing home

If you are admitted to or move into a hospital, home or similar institution, you only need to register as soon as the stay exceeds three months and you are not registered for an...

Residential and care services

Age-appropriate housing are designed to meet the needs of older people and enable them to lead a life without obstacles. This is achieved through barrier-free access to the...

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