Apply for building inspection approval

Non-procedural construction projects that do not require a permit, permit exemption, or construction inspection require approval from the lower building inspection authority.

Archaeological Heritage

Soil monuments are movable or immovable objects that are evidence, remains or traces of human culture (archaeological monuments) or animal or plant life (paleontological...

Biotope protection

Here you can get information about biotope protection.

Chamber of Engineers - registration in the list of consulting engineers

If you wish to use the protected professional title "Consulting Engineer", you must be registered with the Chamber of Engineers. You can apply for this, provided that you meet...

Chimney sweep

Owners are obliged to sweep and inspect their installations subject to sweeping and inspection in due time and to have the measurements prescribed by the "Ordinance on Small and...

Construction site announcement

If you want to set up a construction site where the expected duration of the work is more than 30 working days and on which more than 20 employees will be working at the same...

Drinking water fee

Here you can get information about the drinking water supply to your home or property and the associated costs.

Energy certificate

The energy certificate is a document that evaluates a building in terms of energy. It gives you an indication of a rough estimate of the energy costs that will be incurred in...

Energy consulting

At the energy consultation you will receive information and advice on the subject of energy saving or energy-saving construction.

Expropriation of land

Expropriation is a form of state access to land or to rights to the land.

Flood / flood protection

If you want to learn about flood protection, you can find out more here.

Get documents notarized

You can have documents certified by the competent authority.

Heating oil storage facilities

You must notify the competent body of the construction or modification of heating oil storage facilities.

Nature conservation: compensation and replacement measures

Projects that unavoidably affect nature must be balanced out by nature conservation and landscape management measures.

Noise protection / noise remediation on state roads - request reimbursement of expenses for necessary passive noise protection measures

If you are affected by traffic noise from a state road, you can apply for reimbursement of expenses for necessary passive noise protection measures (installation of noise...

Notifications for the performance of demolition and renovation work with asbestos or materials containing asbestos on or in existing plants, buildings or vehicles (Annex I No. 2.4.2 Ordinance on Hazardous Substances)

According to Annex I No. 2.4.2 of the Ordinance on Hazardous Substances, demolition and renovation work on or in existing plants, buildings or vehicles containing weakly bound...

Obtain historical topographic maps

Purchase of historical topographic maps

Obtain topographic maps

Topographic maps - reference in analog or digital form

Participation in the planning approval process for grid expansion projects, submission of comments on electricity grid expansion projects, registration for events

Are you interested in power grid expansion projects? Then you can find out more and get directly involved in various ways.

Request certificate of residence issuance

If you wish to purchase a plot of land, you can find out which municipal levies, based on federal law, are associated with this plot of land by applying to the relevant...

Request type test

Structural systems or parts of structural systems that are subject to testing and are erected or used in the same design at several locations must be tested by a testing office...

Show equipment removal

Prior notice must be given for the removal of buildings, including structures.

Soil protection

Along with water and air, soil is an indispensable basis of life for humans, animals and plants. It fulfills a variety of functions. Among other things, soil is essential for...

Submission in case of exemption from approval of a building project

In the case of smaller construction projects (such as single-family and two-family houses and other comparable buildings) that are within the scope of a development plan and do...

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