Additional funding areas

Further funding opportunities and information for companies and organizations can be found here.


Apply for support for agricultural holdings in disadvantaged and specific areas (compensatory allowance)

You farm at least 3 ha in the Less Favored Area or in the Specific Area, then you can apply for Compensatory Allowance for Less Favored and/or Specific Areas. However, you must...

Maintenance of the register of publicly appointed and sworn experts in the field of agriculture and forestry, including horticulture and fisheries

You are looking for a publicly appointed and sworn expert for a specific valuation occasion in the field of agriculture, forestry, horticulture and fishery? Here you can get...

Promoting the integration of people with a migration background

The target groups for measures and projects funded under this guideline are primarily ethnic German repatriates and their family members as well as foreign nationals with a...

Promotion of projects and measures of regional development and shaping the consequences of demographic change

The funding guideline for regional development and the shaping of the consequences of demographic change supports regional development concepts, inter-municipal cooperation and...

Sports promotion

In Thuringia, sports are promoted in a variety of ways.

Sports promotion municipal

Under certain conditions, you can receive financial support for your sports club. You can find information about this here.

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