Funding for crisis management

If your customers do not pay or if you suffer damage from natural forces, emergency relief, compensation or aid can help your company better manage crises and financial losses. Here you will find information about managing crises.


Compensation under the Infection Protection Act Grant for reimbursement of uncovered operating expenses

Have you had to close your business or practice due to an activity ban or quarantine? Here you will find information on how to be reimbursed for continuing non-covered operating...

Directive wolf-lynx - compensation

In the case of an officially confirmed wolf or lynx kill, livestock owners can apply for compensation under the Wolf/Lynx Funding Guidelines.

Directive wolf-lynx - prevention

Here you can find information on the promotion of prevention measures for protection against wolf attacks on grazing animals.

Game damage compensation - file a claim

Have you discovered game or hunting damage on your agricultural or forestry property? Then you are entitled to compensation under certain conditions.

Insolvency allowance approval

If your employer is insolvent and can no longer pay your wages, you can apply for insolvency benefits.

Regional Partner for Consulting Promotion of Entrepreneurial Know-How

If your small or medium-sized enterprise is in difficulty, you can, under certain conditions, receive funding. You can find information on this here.

Support for companies with the coronavirus consequences Information provision.

The federal Department of Commerce and other agencies are providing information about support for businesses related to the economic impact of the novel coronavirus.

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