Finding a location

The ideal location for a company depends on the industry, as each industry has particular factors to take into account. One thing is clear: for founders and entrepreneurs, choosing the right location is very important. From land use plans to property surveying, here you will find services related to your business location.


Allow inspection of the real estate cadastre

Information on the local location of a parcel / piece of land and the associated surveying documents can be obtained by inspecting the real estate cadastre.

Building survey

For chargeable building surveying you must commission a licensed publicly appointed surveyor (ÖbVI).

Land surveying implementation

Do you want to determine the course of a parcel boundary on site, check boundary markers or re-mark boundary points? For this purpose, it is necessary to apply for a boundary...

Land use plan information received

If you are a landowner or interested for other reasons, you can take a look at the land use plan of your municipality.

Obtain information on purchase price collection

Do you need suitable purchase prices to determine the value of a property? To do so, submit an application for information from the collection of purchase prices to the...

Parcel of land formation by merging; request for land unification certification

Do you want to unite several parcels of land into one or merge several parcels of land into one? For this purpose, it is necessary to apply for a union of plots of land or a...

View urban land use planning (development plan and land use plan)

Urban land use planning is the most important planning instrument for guiding and ordering the urban development of a municipality.For information on urban land use planning,...

Wind energy - suitability areas

In order to concentrate spatially significant wind turbines (WT) in suitable areas and to control them in regional planning, suitability areas for the use of wind energy are...

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