Losing your job and looking for a new job

If you lose your job, you are bound to have lots of questions. Am I entitled to unemployment benefit? Where do I have to register? How am I insured? Where can I find help with looking for a job? You can find information and support relating to unemployment and job-seeking here.


Apply for a residence permit to look for a job after completing your studies

If you have successfully completed your studies in Germany, you can apply for a residence permit for up to 18 months to find a job that matches your qualifications.

Apply for citizen's money

The citizen's income replaced unemployment benefit II and social benefit on January 1, 2023.

Apply for recognition of equivalence of foreign non-regulated vocational and technical school qualifications

If you can prove that you have completed professional training abroad and want to work in Thuringia, you can apply for recognition of the equivalence of professional...

Apply for social assistance

If your income or assets are not sufficient for your necessary subsistence, you will receive social assistance under certain conditions.

Compulsory insurance relationship on application in unemployment insurance Approval

If you are no longer compulsorily insured under the unemployment insurance scheme, you can continue to be insured on a voluntary basis under certain conditions.

Measures for activation and professional integration receive

If you are unemployed, threatened by unemployment or looking for training, you can be supported by measures that facilitate your professional (re-)entry.

Mobile ICT Card Renewal Request

As a Mobiler ICT card holder, you can apply for its renewal under certain conditions

Start-up grant approval

If you receive unemployment benefit 1 and would like to start a business, you can receive financial support for this under certain conditions.

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