Chamber of Commerce and Industry

represents the overall interest of the IHK member companies represents economic interests and campaigns for better economic conditions acts on the local and state level as...

Chamber of Engineers - Suspension of membership/registration

Pursuant to Section 13, Paragraph 6, Sentence 1 of the ThürAIKG, chamber members are allowed a temporary suspension of membership.

Chamber of Engineers - application for entry in the register of foreign companies (§ 15 ThürAIKG)

A foreign company wishing to establish itself in Thuringia for the temporary or occasional provision of services, in the sense of performing the professional duties of an...

Chamber of Engineers - registration in the external register of the Chamber of Engineers of Thuringia (§ 14 ThürAIKG, § 64 ThürBO)

As an external service provider, you will find information here on how to register in the external directory of the Thuringian Chamber of Engineers.

Chamber of Engineers - registration in the list of interested parties (§ 21 para. 8 sentence 1 ThürAIKG)

Anyone who has passed the bachelor's preliminary examination or an equivalent examination within the meaning of § 4 Para. 1 No. 1, 2 or § 6 Para. 2 Sentence 1 No. 2 ThürAIKG and...

Chamber of Tax Consultants Thuringia - Tasks

The Chamber of Tax Consultants Thuringia is a corporation under public law and has the task of safeguarding the professional interests of its members as a whole and of...

Chamber of engineers - cancellation of registration(s)

You want to terminate your membership at the Chamber of Engineers Thuringia? Find out about the requirements here.

Customs Passport Booklet (Carnet-A.T.A.)

The A.T.A. carnet can facilitate the temporary use of certain goods in non-EU countries.

Environmental Company Information System of the Chambers of Industry and Commerce (Ecofinder)

The IHK ecoFinder is Germany's largest portal for organizations and companies from the environmental and energy sector. Here you can find competent providers of products and...

Handicraft: Arbitration board

In the event of disputes between craft enterprises and clients, the mediation office can be called upon by both sides.

Inventor Consulting

The Erfurt Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) offers a free monthly consultation for inventors. Here, member companies and independent inventors have the opportunity to...

Master craftsman examination: admission

If you want to take a master craftsman's examination, then you must submit an application for admission to the master craftsman's examination board.

Pest control expertise test prove

If you want to control pests with poisons professionally, you may not just do it, but you must first inform the authorities who are responsible for this.

Register of Craftsmen: Change of company data/form

If there are any changes to your company data or legal form, you must notify the competent authority.

Register training contract

As an employer who employs trainees, you must register their vocational training in the register of vocational training contracts.

Transport of dangerous goods - Apply for recognition of training organizers for training in the transport of dangerous goods.

If you want to conduct training courses for dangerous goods drivers, you must be recognized as a training organizer by the locally responsible IHK.

Veterinarian - Recognize further training title of specialist veterinarian

In addition to your professional title as a veterinarian, you may use other acquired professional titles upon application. You are only permitted to use these additional...

Veterinarian - registering professional practice with state veterinary chamber

You must register your commencement of work as a veterinarian with the relevant authorities.

Veterinary surgeon - temporary exercise of the profession in the context of the provision of services under European law - report

If you are a veterinarian, you are allowed to carry out your activity in Germany as a service provider for the temporary and occasional practice of the profession even without a...

Vocational training: Trainers - certify vocational and occupational pedagogical aptitude.

According to the Vocational Training Act (BBiG), trainers may generally only provide training in recognized training occupations if they employ trainers who meet the suitability...

register companies in the list of prequalified companies for public tenders

If you are a company, you can register in the Official Register of Prequalified Companies (AVPQ) by providing one-time proof of your reliability and suitability to the...

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