Danger / Danger Prevention


Animal diseases

Animal disease control serves to protect humans and animals.

Avian Influenza

The discovery of dead birds or the suspicion of avian influenza in infected areas and in so-called risk areas, the competent authority must be informed.

Avian influenza

Classical avian influenza ("bird flu") is a particularly severe form of avian influenza in poultry and other birds caused by highly pathogenic influenza viruses of subtypes H5...

Child helpline

In case of difficulties and emergency situations of children and adolescents, the children's emergency hotline is available to them nationwide as a central point of contact.

Civil Protection

Civil protection comes into play when hazard prevention measures can no longer be guaranteed due to other legal provisions. The responsible authorities are the counties and...

Emergency Nutrition Preparedness

In the event of a supply crisis, the government's emergency food preparedness system is tasked with ensuring the basic supply of food for the population through sovereign measures.


An epidemic (epidemic) is a disease that occurs with exceptional frequency within a geographically restricted area. A cross-continental epidemic is called a pandemic. One...

Explosive ordnance disposal

Anyone who finds explosive ordnance, such as ammunition, bombs or grenades, must report this immediately to the competent authority.

Fire protection

The duty bearers are the municipalities for fire protection and general assistance, the counties for supralocal fire protection and supralocal general assistance as well as...

Food monitoring

Food monitoring serves to protect consumers.

Home place (children's home)

Here you will find information about the placement of children in children's homes.

Honors for lifesavers

Here you can get information about the award for lifesavers.

Pest control

Hygienic pests, such as pest rodents (Norway rat, house rat and house mouse) and vermin (arthropods, e.g. cockroaches, meal moths, bacon beetles), contaminate food and/or...

Veterinary Medicines

The Medicinal Products Act contains the most important provisions, in particular on the manufacture, licensing, dispensing or even importation of medicinal products in general...

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