Vehicle sale/ Vehicle deregistration/ Vehicle decommissioning


Apply for export license plate

For the export of an unregistered vehicle abroad, an appropriate license plate must be applied for. You can find information on this here.

Deregister motor vehicle for decommissioning

Here you will find information on deregistering your motor vehicle if you wish to take the vehicle out of service.

Motor vehicle: environmental bonus (scrapping bonus)

Up to now, the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA) has used funds from the Economic Stimulus Package II to grant a so-called environmental bonus (scrapping...

Registering a motor vehicle for decommissioning in the online procedure (motor vehicle decommissioning)

Here you will find information on decommissioning your motor vehicle using the online procedure.

Report motor vehicle sale

If there is a change in the person of the keeper (e.g. due to the sale of the vehicle), you must notify the relevant registration authority immediately for the purpose of...

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