Financial and Other Support


AIDS counseling

If you have questions about HIV/AIDS, there are various help and services available in Thuringia.

Allowances for pregnant women

If you are pregnant and need financial assistance, you canapply forsupport from funds of the "Thuringian Foundation Hand in Hand - Help for Children, Pregnant Women and Families...

Apply for advance payment of maintenance for children of single parents

If you are a single parent and do not receive child support from the other parent or receive it only irregularly, you can apply for an advance on child support.

Apply for home health care for people with statutory health insurance

If you need a qualified caregiver at home due to an illness, you can apply for home health care from your statutory health insurance. You will need a doctor's prescription for...

Apply for social assistance

If your income or assets are not sufficient for your necessary subsistence, you will receive social assistance under certain conditions.

Applying for consulting assistance, legal aid and legal aid

If you are unable to raise the necessary funds for personal and economic reasons, you can apply for legal aid.

Basic account Information on options in the event of rejection

You do not have a checking account and have been refused an application to open a basic account, for example by a bank or savings bank? Then you can apply for administrative...

Broadcasting fee in the private sector Exemption

If you receive state social benefits, you can be exempted from the broadcasting fee. The same applies to deaf-blind people and recipients of assistance for the blind.

Child and youth welfare/ social assistance: Arbitration offices

The parties can turn to the relevant arbitration board for clarification of disputed facts in the remuneration agreements for social welfare facilities and child and youth...

Child helpline

In case of difficulties and emergency situations of children and adolescents, the children's emergency hotline is available to them nationwide as a central point of contact.

Consumer protection

As a consumer, you have a right to be offered only foodstuffs, cosmetic products, consumer goods and other goods that are safe in terms of health and use. For effective consumer...

Debtor and consumer insolvency counseling

If you need counseling because of your financial situation, but you do not have the financial means for legal counseling, then you can use social debt counseling.

Declaration of commitment according to § 68 Residence Act (AufenthG)

If you submit a declaration of commitment, then the costs for the living expenses of a foreign fellow citizen are taken over in order to help him/her to stay in Germany if...

Educational, marriage, family and life counseling

In case of problems in the family and questions about upbringing, you can take advantage of the advice provided by educational and family counseling centers.

Emergency Nutrition Preparedness

In the event of a supply crisis, the government's emergency food preparedness system is tasked with ensuring the basic supply of food for the population through sovereign measures.

Energy consulting

At the energy consultation you will receive information and advice on the subject of energy saving or energy-saving construction.

Family recreation - promotion municipal

Under certain conditions, you can receive funding for your family vacation. You can find information about this here.

Flood 2013 Information on emergency aid

In view of the high level of damage caused by the floods, the German government is providing 100 million euros in emergency aid to the German states affected by the floods. The...


Here you will find information on court-appointed guardianship for minors.

Home Care

You can apply for a place in a home if you are in a special needs situation.

Home place (children's home)

Here you will find information about the placement of children in children's homes.

Immission control - plant inspection

In the vicinity of agricultural, commercial and industrial facilities, noise, dust and odor emissions can cause health problems for residents. Information about the facilities...

Infection protection message

The Infection Protection Act requires the reporting of certain diseases (including suspected cases) and evidence of pathogens as well as vaccination injuries by physicians and...

Insolvency allowance approval

If your employer is insolvent and can no longer pay your wages, you can apply for insolvency benefits.

Intervention Agency

Intervention centers are a complement to domestic violence threat prevention measures. "Domestic violence" does not refer to every form of violence perpetrated in the domestic...

POW compensation

The regulations for former prisoners of war that applied in the old federal states were not transferred to the new federal states by the Unification Treaty. The Act on the...

Political prisoners request support

The Prisoner Assistance Act opens up numerous assistance options for you as a victim to claim social compensation benefits. You must apply for these.

Problems with offices and institutions

Many people are afraid of dealing with authorities and institutions. They often come into contact with notices, are dissatisfied or cannot find their way around the "jungle of...

Provide aids to health

If you do not have health insurance and are receiving short-term living assistance, you may be eligible for health care assistance benefits.

Request information block in the population register

If they are exposed to certain dangers, then you can apply for a block on information in the civil register.

Self-help groups

Many problems can benefit from a self-help group. Together with other affected people, one can exchange information about therapy options or receive tips for everyday life,...

Short-time allowance approval

If there is a temporary, unavoidable loss of work in your company, short-time allowance can be paid in full or in part for your employees. The loss of earnings is partially...

Social assistance services as health counseling for families with infants

If you receive social welfare or basic income support and have just had a baby, the social welfare office will cover the cost of counseling sessions.

Special numbers Establishment of citizen telephone - Military flight operations

The citizen's hotline "Aircraft Noise from Bundeswehr Aircraft" of the Federal Ministry of Defense (BMVg) provides information about military flight operations in the Federal...

Support for companies with the coronavirus consequences Information provision.

The federal Department of Commerce and other agencies are providing information about support for businesses related to the economic impact of the novel coronavirus.

Victims' associations

The goal of victims' associations is to help people who have suffered a difficult fate, for example as a result of political persecution. At the same time, they ensure through...

Women's Centers

The women's centers funded by the Free State of Thuringia are places of encounter, communication, information, politics, culture and counseling. With their range of services,...

Women's shelters

Women's shelters or women's shelters provide counseling (also on an outpatient basis), protection and accompaniment, e.g. to authorities, and support to every woman and her...

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