School Law


Child and Adolescent Medical Service/Child and Adolescent Dental Service

In cooperation with day care centers and schools, it is the task of the municipal health offices to support and promote the health of children and adolescents.

Compulsory education

§ Section 19 Thuringian School Act: Duration of Full-Time Compulsory Education (1) Full-time compulsory education lasts ten school years. It may be shortened by skipping a...


§ 18 ThürSchulG Full-time compulsory education begins on August 1 of the same year for all children who are six years old on August 1 of that year. A child who is at least...

Private university: Recognition

You would like to run a private university? Then you need to apply for state recognition.

School - Performance evaluation

In schools, grades are assigned to evaluate performance.

School development planning

School development planning in Thuringia establishes the planning basis for the development of a regionally balanced and efficient educational offering in the state. It is an...

School enrollment examination

Prior to enrollment in school, the health department conducts an enrollment examination of children.

School surveys

If you would like to conduct scientific studies at schools in Thuringia, you must first apply for permission to do so.


Truancy is defined as recurrent or prolonged and usually unexcused absences from school. Occasional truancy can also be truancy. Truancy is a misdemeanor punishable by a fine of...

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