Financial and Other Support, BAföG


Apply for BAföG for a school visit

You can receive financial support for your school attendance or an internship if your parents do not have a higher income or if you have already been employed for a longer...

Apply for benefits from the education package

The aim of the educational package is not to deprive children from financially weak families of the necessary educational and participation opportunities. As an entitled person...

EU - School program for fruit, vegetables and milk - apply for funding

You would like to supply schools or children's institution with fruit, vegetables and milk free of charge or that your educational institution is supplied within the framework...

Extracurricular youth education: Promotion

The public youth welfare organizations promote extracurricular youth education in order to enable young people to recognize themselves, their personal and social living...

International youth work/ international youth exchange: funding

The public youth welfare organizations promote the personal encounter of young people from different countries, their learning and working together, the exchange of experiences...

Pupil travel costs

If you would like to be reimbursed for your child's travel costs to and from school, you must apply to the relevant authority.

Recreation for children and young people: promotion

The public sponsors of youth welfare can promote attractive leisure activities for children, adolescents and young adults (up to 21 years of age) during the school...

School Route Safety

Here you will find information about securing routes to school.

School psychological counseling

In conflict situations and other concerns, the school psychological service can provide counseling.

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