Financial and Other Support


Allowances for pregnant women

If you are pregnant and need financial assistance, you canapply forsupport from funds of the "Thuringian Foundation Hand in Hand - Help for Children, Pregnant Women and Families...

Apply for advance payment of maintenance for children of single parents

If you are a single parent and do not receive child support from the other parent or receive it only irregularly, you can apply for an advance on child support.

Apply for child benefit

If you have a child, you can apply for child benefit.

Apply for parental allowance

If you want to receive parental allowance, you must apply for it.

Calculate parental allowance

Here you will find information on how parental allowance is calculated.

Household help

The Social Welfare Office can also cover the costs of a housekeeping assistant if certain conditions for the granting of assistance for living are met. Special need situations...

Parental allowance, parental allowance plus

Parental Allowance (from July 1, 2015 "basic parental allowance") is paid to parents who want to devote themselves primarily to caring for their child during the first 14 months...

Pregnancy and pregnancy conflict counseling

For topics related to the topic of (unwanted) pregnancy, you can contact free of charge the Pregnancy- and pregnancy conflict counseling. The consultations can also be conducted...

Receive parental benefit advice

If you need advice on parental allowance, you can contact the regional parental allowance office.

Social assistance services as health counseling for families with infants

If you receive social welfare or basic income support and have just had a baby, the social welfare office will cover the cost of counseling sessions.

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