Financial and Other Support


Apply for a housing entitlement certificate

If you would like to move into social housing, you first need a certificate of eligibility for housing. You must apply for this at the relevant office.

Apply for home health care for people with statutory health insurance

If you need a qualified caregiver at home due to an illness, you can apply for home health care from your statutory health insurance. You will need a doctor's prescription for...

Apply for housing allowance

If your private household income is not sufficient to cover the cost of adequate housing, you may apply for housing assistance.

Apply for housing subsidies for rental apartments

The Free State of Thuringia promotes rental housing for households that cannot adequately provide themselves with housing on the market and at the same time supports urban...

Apply for renewed approval of housing allowance

The approval period for your housing allowance is expiring? Then you should submit a new application 2 months before expiration in order to grant a continuous housing allowance...

Apply for subsidies for owner-occupied housing

If you want to build, purchase or modernize your own home/apartment, you can take advantage of housing subsidies if you meet the requirements. The state in which you want to...

Apply for urban redevelopment and urban development funding

Urban redevelopment in Thuringia is financially supported by federal-state urban development programs and supplemented by state programs.

Applying for consulting assistance, legal aid and legal aid

If you are unable to raise the necessary funds for personal and economic reasons, you can apply for legal aid.

Consumer protection

As a consumer, you have a right to be offered only foodstuffs, cosmetic products, consumer goods and other goods that are safe in terms of health and use. For effective consumer...

Energy consulting

At the energy consultation you will receive information and advice on the subject of energy saving or energy-saving construction.

Flood 2013 Information on emergency aid

In view of the high level of damage caused by the floods, the German government is providing 100 million euros in emergency aid to the German states affected by the floods. The...

Have low-threshold offers in the care sector recognized

If you want to offer low-threshold care services for people in need of care, you must first have them recognized.

Immission control - plant inspection

In the vicinity of agricultural, commercial and industrial facilities, noise, dust and odor emissions can cause health problems for residents. Information about the facilities...

Noise protection

see immission control (immissions/emissions)

Noise protection / noise remediation on federal trunk roads - applying for reimbursement of expenses for necessary passive noise protection measures

If you are affected by traffic noise from a federal trunk road, you can apply for reimbursement of expenses for necessary passive noise protection measures (installation of...

Regional development and shaping the consequences of demographic change - applying for funding

With the funding guideline for regional development and shaping the consequences of demographic change, regional development concepts, inter-communal cooperation and projects to...

Social assistance services as health counseling for families with infants

If you receive social welfare or basic income support and have just had a baby, the social welfare office will cover the cost of counseling sessions.

Special numbers Establishment of citizen telephone - Military flight operations

The citizen's hotline "Aircraft Noise from Bundeswehr Aircraft" of the Federal Ministry of Defense (BMVg) provides information about military flight operations in the Federal...

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