Types of School


Adult Education Center

Information on the offerings of the Thuringian adult education centers can be found on the pages of the cities and districts or at the Thuringian Adult Education Association.

All-day schools

According to the Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs of the Länder in the Federal Republic of Germany, all-day schools are schools in which,...

Community School

Here you can get information about the type of school the community school is.

Comprehensive School

Here you can get information about the comprehensive school.

Elementary school

Here you will find information about enrolling your child in elementary school.

German School Abroad - Registration

Would you like to register your child at a German school abroad? Find out here about registering at a German school abroad.


Home adult educationcenters (HVHS) are institutions of adult education of supra-regional importance, whose educational work is aimed at a closed group of participants with a...

High school

If your child would like to continue their education at a Gymnasium, you can enroll them there if they meet the entrance requirements.

Independent institutions - adult education

In addition to the 23 adult education centers, another 12 adult education institutions recognized under the Thuringian Adult Education Act have been established in Thuringia. As...

Independent schools

Independent schools enrich and complement the school system in Thuringia. They are subject to state supervision. They are divided into substitute schools and supplementary...

Music school

Here you can get information about the educational institution music school.

Regular school

The mainstream school is attended by the majority of Thuringian pupils after elementary school. A special application from the parents is not necessary for the transition to...

School degrees

With its diversity, the Thuringian school system offers the right school for every student. The four-year elementary school forms the basis of general education. After that, the...

School of the Second Way of Education

At a college you can catch up on the Abitur via the second educational path.

School vocational training

School-based vocational training means that both practical and theoretical training takes place in a school. It is supplemented by internships. The training lasts between two...

Special school

In Thuringia, there are regional support centers with the special needs areas of learning, language, and emotional and social development that work as network support centers...

Vocational schools

The wide range of individual school types and courses offered by vocational schools opens up numerous different educational and qualification opportunities for young people. The...

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