Imports and exports

What rules apply to cross-border trade? Certain import exemptions and limitations exist to protect people from dangers and to ensure compliance with international agreements. Germany has a long history as a leading exporter. But what requirements need to be followed when exporting goods? You will find relevant information and government services here.


Apply for phytosanitary certificates for export to third countries

You want to export plants to a third country? You need a phytosanitary certificate/ pre-export certificate for this?

Apply for the status of Authorized Economic Operator

As an Authorized Economic Operator (AEO), you benefit from simplifications in customs clearance. To obtain this status, you must submit an application to your main customs office.

Cultural property export license application

If you want to export cultural property from Germany, you need an export license under certain conditions.

Customs Passport Booklet (Carnet-A.T.A.)

The A.T.A. carnet can facilitate the temporary use of certain goods in non-EU countries.

Licenses for imports, transit, exports and intra-Community movements in accordance with animal health and foodstuffs regulations

You must obtain a permit from the competent authority to import, transit, and in some cases export animals or goods that may be carriers of infectious agents.

Marketing permits according to species protection law / CITES

Specimens of animals and plants of the specially protected species listed in Annex A of EC Regulation No. 338/97 require a marketing permit for sale (including exchange) or any...

Medical devices - certificate of marketability

If you want to place medical devices on the market for the first time, you can apply for a certificate of marketability of the medical device(s) for export.

Species protection (Washington Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species) - Marketing authorization

The animal and plant species listed in Annexes A and B of Regulation (EC) No. 338/97 of 09.12.1996 (as amended) are subject to a fundamental marketing ban. The EC-legal...

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