Building procedures

Do you need a building permit, proof of residence or a demolition permit? Do you want to determine the market value of a property or do you need an energy performance certificate? Here you will find services and contacts at public authorities regarding building procedures.


Application/notification for permission to work in the cemetery (for tradesmen)

For commercial work in the cemetery, you must apply for permission in advance or give notice of such work.

Apply for building inspection approval

Building projects that do not require approval, exemption from approval or construction supervision require the approval of the upper building supervisory authority in the...

Apply for certificate of seclusion

You need the certificate of seclusion to divide a property into condominiums.

Apply for housing subsidies for rental apartments

The Free State of Thuringia promotes rental housing for households that cannot adequately provide themselves with housing on the market and at the same time supports urban...

Apply for subsidies for owner-occupied housing

If you want to build, purchase or modernize your own home/apartment, you can take advantage of housing subsidies if you meet the requirements. The state in which you want to...

Building survey

For chargeable building surveying you must commission a licensed publicly appointed surveyor (ÖbVI).

Energy certificate

The energy certificate is a document that evaluates a building in terms of energy. It gives you an indication of a rough estimate of the energy costs that will be incurred in...

Land surveying implementation

Do you want to determine the course of a parcel boundary on site, check boundary markers or re-mark boundary points? For this purpose, it is necessary to apply for a boundary...

Submission in case of exemption from approval of a building project

In the case of smaller building projects (such as single-family and two-family houses and other comparable buildings) that are within the scope of a development plan and do not...

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