What do I need to think about when my child moves from primary to secondary school? How will my child get to school each day? Who is responsible for school transport? Between your child starting and completing school, you are bound to have lots of questions. You can find information on the German school system, from primary school right up to Abitur (university admission certificate), here.


After-school care

Here you can get information about after-school care for your child in elementary school or day care centers.

After-school care registration

As a rule, after-school care registration and deregistration are carried out in writing via the management of the respective elementary school. The daily duration of the child's...

All-day schools

According to the Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs of the Länder in the Federal Republic of Germany, all-day schools are schools in which,...

Apply for BAföG for a school visit

You can receive financial support for your school attendance or an internship if your parents do not have a higher income or if you have already been employed for a longer...

Apply for recognition of equivalence of foreign school-leaving qualifications

If you have obtained a school-leaving qualification abroad and live in Thuringia, or would like to start vocational training in Thuringia, you can apply for recognition of the...

Community School

Here you can get information about the type of school the community school is.

Comprehensive School

Here you can get information about the comprehensive school.

Compulsory education

§ Section 19 Thuringian School Act: Duration of full-time compulsory education (1) Full-time compulsory education lasts ten school years. It may be shortened by skipping a...

EU - School program for fruit, vegetables and milk - apply for funding

You would like to supply schools or children's institution with fruit, vegetables and milk free of charge or that your educational institution is supplied within the framework...

Elementary school

Here you will find information about enrolling your child in elementary school.


§ 18 ThürSchulG Full-time compulsory education begins on August 1 of the same year for all children who are six years old on August 1 of that year. A child who is at least...

German School Abroad - Registration

Would you like to register your child at a German school abroad? Find out here about registering at a German school abroad.

Get general information about the school vacations

Here you can get information about the dates of the school vacations in the Free State of Thuringia.

Gifted and Talented

Support for the gifted in Germany consists mainly of state-funded study grants awardedby gifted support organizations and foundations to particularly gifted students, usually in...

High school

If your child would like to continue their education at a Gymnasium, you can enroll them there if they meet the entrance requirements.

Pupil travel costs

If you would like to be reimbursed for your child's travel costs to and from school, you must apply to the relevant authority.

Regular school

The mainstream school is attended by the majority of Thuringian pupils after elementary school. A special application from the parents is not necessary for the transition to...

School - Performance evaluation

In schools, grades are assigned to evaluate performance.

School Route Safety

Here you will find information about securing routes to school.

School degrees

With its diversity, the Thuringian school system offers the right school for every student. The four-year elementary school forms the basis of general education. After that, the...

School development planning

School development planning in Thuringia establishes the planning basis for the development of a regionally balanced and efficient educational offering in the state. It is an...

School enrollment examination

Prior to enrollment in school, the health department conducts an enrollment examination of children.

School of the Second Way of Education

At a college you can catch up on the Abitur via the second educational path.

School psychological counseling

In conflict situations and other concerns, the school psychological service can provide counseling.

School surveys

If you would like to conduct scientific studies at schools in Thuringia, you must first apply for permission to do so.

Special school

In Thuringia, there are regional support centers with the special needs areas of learning, language, and emotional and social development that work as network support centers...


Truancy is defined as recurrent or prolonged and usually unexcused absences from school. Occasional truancy can also be truancy. Truancy is a misdemeanor punishable by a fine of...

Vacation offers

School vacations are nice, but in summer they are also quite long. If you are threatened by boredom, you should look for keywords such as "vacation offers", "offers for...

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