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Handicraft Authorization to practice handicrafts subject to licensing according to § 7b HwO Issuance

Handicraft: Arbitration board

Handicrafts Register: Declaration of handicraft business manager

Handicrafts Register: Notification of temporary provision of services according to § 8 EU EWR HwV

Have a foreign professional qualification as a teacher from a third country recognized

Have birth abroad retroactively certified

Have birth abroad retroactively certified

Have de-registration certified

Have fees for after-school care determined

Have foreign divorce decrees recognized

Have foreign professional qualification as teacher from EU/EEA/Switzerland recognized

Have hunting license changed

Have hunting license replaced due to loss

Have identity card address changed

Have low-threshold offers in the care sector recognized

Have maintenance claims notarized

Have parking permit and parking facilitation for severely disabled persons renewed

Have previous periods of study and academic achievements recognized

Have proof of disposal confirmed

Have service driver's license changed to general driver's license (EU driver's license)

Have signatures notarized

Have sticker issued for electrically powered vehicles from abroad

Have the electoral roll for the European election corrected

Have trial facility for plant protection products officially recognized

Have your identity card brought up to date

Hazardous substances: Accident in the company - obligation to notify

Hazardous waste Apply for a permit for waste management activities

Health care and nursing assistants - Recognize foreign professional qualifications

Health professional designation - permission

Heilpraktiker/ Heilpraktikerin - Permission


Heirs' liability

Help for the elderly

High school

Highly radioactive sources Registration

Hiking camp display

Historic preservation

Hold a residents' meeting

Home Care

Home slaughtering

Home Supervision

Home work: first employment - notification

Homeless Assistance

Honorary sponsorship by the Federal President

Honorary sponsorship by the Prime Minister

Honors for lifesavers

Hornets - granting of species protection exemptions for nest relocation, nest removal

Household check for mini-jobs in private households Implementation

Household help

Household waste disposal

Housing - apply for certificate of seclusion

Housing allowance change notice

Housing allowance increase request

Housing allowance initial application

Housing benefit continuation application

Housing construction Apply for subsidies for rental housing

Housing provider confirmation

Hunting - Game damage compensation - File a claim

Hunting - game origin certificates and game tags obtained

Hunting license - apply for a day hunting license for the first time

Hunting license - apply for annual hunting license for the first time

Hunting license - have a day hunting license renewed

Hunting license - reapply for annual hunting license after confiscation

Hunting license - reapply for day hunting license after confiscation

Hunting license - register hunting district

Hunting license - renew annual hunting license

Hunting matters - Get general information