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Radiation protection officer: appointment - notification

Radioactive material: carriage as excepted packages

Radioactive substances: Inventory - Display

Radioactive substances: use and storage of devices - Display

Real Estate Market Information (formerly Real Estate Market Report)

Real estate surveying consulting (e.g. land surveying)

Reapply for a severely disabled person's pass

Reapply for identity card due to loss

Reapply for social security card

Receive certificate of eligibility to vote

Receive exemptions for road traffic

Receive instruction and certificate according to the Infection Protection Act for activities with foodstuffs

Receive motor vehicle certificate of destruction

Receive notice of the property tax assessment amount

Receive parental benefit advice

Receive real estate tax assessment for land used for agriculture and forestry or agricultural and forestry operations

Recognition as a test center for plant protection equipment Granting

Recognition of breeding organizations according to § 3 par. 1 ff Animal Breeding Act

Recognition of courses for the restoration of fitness to drive

Recognition of educational events in accordance with the Thuringian Educational Leave Act (ThürBfG)

Recognition of educational qualifications from the GDR

Recognition of foreign educational qualifications in Thuringia for the skilled trades (application for equivalence determination)

Recognition of foreign university degrees

Recognition of producer groups of agricultural quality products

Recognition of producer organizations, their associations and interbranch organizations

Recognize explosives training courses for the teaching of specialist knowledge

Recognize foreign professional qualifications

Recognize foreign professional qualifications in the field of continuing education in the health professions

Recognize foreign professional qualifications of green professions not regulated by state law

Recognize foreign qualification in the field of clinical neuropsychology as a child and adolescent psychotherapist or psychological psychotherapist

Recognize qualified person for operational safety

Recreation and entering the open countryside

Recreation for children and young people: promotion

Redetermine surname of the child

Regional development and shaping the consequences of demographic change - applying for funding

Regional Partner for Consulting Promotion of Entrepreneurial Know-How

Regional plan preparation and amendment - information provision

Register address book block

Register animal show, animal market or animal exchange

Register apartment

Register business

Register dog ownership

Register employees of employers based abroad or lenders in the Minimum Wage Reporting Portal

Register hatcheries, breeding and propagation farms and issue identification number.

Register laying hen farm and assign identification number

Register marriage

Register of Crafts: Application for granting an exemption according to § 9 para. 1 sentence 1 no. 1 Crafts Code

Register of Crafts: Entry in the register of crafts subject to licensing (Annex A of the Crafts Code)

Register of Crafts: Exemption according to § 8 of the Crafts Code (HwO)

Register of Craftsmen: Change of company data/form

Register of craftsmen: registration of small businessmen

Register of Craftsmen: Request for deletion

Register prostitution activity for the first time

Register secondary residence

Register tax consulting for temporary and occasional assistance

Register to vote in the European elections as a citizen of the Union

Register training contract

Registering a motor vehicle for decommissioning in the online procedure (motor vehicle decommissioning)

Registering a new motor vehicle (first-time motor vehicle registration)

Registering for the European Election as a domestic German on the electoral roll

Registering for the European Election as a German Abroad on the Electoral Roll

Registration of companies according to Art. 65 of the Plant Health Regulation (EU) 2016/2031

Registration of postal services not subject to licensing (inclusion, modification and termination)

Registration, approval or notification for feed businesses according to Regulation (EC) No. 183/2005 and Feed Regulation for commercial businesses

Regular school

Regulatory Chamber of the Free State of Thuringia

Rehabilitation of SED victims

Replace motor vehicle registration certificate part II (vehicle title) - submit application

Report abandoned motor vehicle

Report identity card theft

Report loss of own identity card

Report malfunction of traffic signs and traffic devices for repair

Report motor vehicle loss or damage to registration certificate (Part 1) and apply for replacement

Report motor vehicle sale

Report rats

Report road damage for removal

Report road damage for removal on state and county roads and accompanying sidewalks and bike paths (in-town).

Report wild garbage for disposal

Reporting changes in the professional register for tax advisors

Reporting contamination at road drainage facilities Disposal

Reporting of wine and grape must stocks

Request a certificate of authorization to examine

Request absentee ballot

Request approval of tariffs for local rail passenger transport

Request calibration of measuring instruments

Request certificate of residence issuance

Request change of use of buildings

Request death certificate of a relative

Request deletion from the professional register for tax advisors (declaration of renunciation)

Request disability determination

Request dismissal for European lawyer

Request driver's license issuance

Request driver's license issuance

Request exceptions from the Working Hours Act

Request excerpt from the real estate register (parcel and ownership record)

Request exemption intervention on organic animals

Request extended information from the civil register

Request extract from the real estate map (cadastral map)

Request fishing license issuance

Request for access to the Stasi files Granting

Request housing allowance increase

Request identity card for theft

Request information block in the population register

Request information on contaminated sites or soil protection cadastre

Request liquor license

Request opening of insolvency proceedings

Request personal data correction in the civil register

Request promotion of demand-oriented transport services in local road passenger transport and scheduled shipping services in Thuringia

Request purchase of conventional breeding animals for organic farm

Request qualified signature

Request relocation or modification of telecommunication lines in traffic routes

Request replacement driver's license

Request tax class change for single parents

Request type test

Requesting a temporary identity card

Requesting information from the central business register

Requesting information from the civil register - to parties and groups of voters

Requesting information from the population register for groups

Requesting information from the population register for housing providers

Re-register business

Re-register residence

Re-registration of motor vehicle in case of change of owner


Research promotion

Residence - registration of the sole or main residence

Residence permit for family reasons Issuance for family reunification of a foreign parent with a German minor

Residence permit for family reasons Issuance for parents to join a minor foreigner

Residence permit for temporary protection because of the war in Ukraine

Residence permit for the continuation of studies begun in another EU country - applying for an extension

Residence permit to carry out a qualification measure Apply for extension

Residential and care services

Restaurant business, display

Resume family name after dissolution of marriage or civil partnership

Retirement/nursing home: Operation - Display

Retroactively activate online ID card function

Retroactively recognize agricultural area for organic farming

Revitalization of brownfields

Road damage removal on federal highways and accompanying sidewalks and bike paths (inner-city)

Road damage removal on state and county roads and accompanying sidewalks and bike paths (nonurban)

Road freight transport Apply for a permit for commercial transport

Road haulage and passenger transport: company card (digital tachograph) - issue

Road haulage and passenger transport: Professional driver qualification - basic qualification/accelerated basic qualification

Road haulage and passenger transport: workshop card (digital tachograph) - issue

Road haulage company: authorization - issue certificate of professional competence

Road haulage Obtain proof of professional qualification to run a company

Road haulage: proof of professional qualification

Road haulage: recognition of a managerial activity

Road passenger transport - prove professional suitability to run a business.

Road passenger transport apply for certificate of professional competence issuance

Road passenger transport: recognition of a managerial activity

Road passenger transport: recognition of equivalent final examinations