Services A to Z

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Sale or auction of land, buildings and objects from ownership, fiscal inheritance and appropriation rights of the Free State of Thuringia

Sales events Request permission

Savings bank: establishment - permission

School - Performance evaluation

School degrees

School development planning

School enrollment examination

School of the Second Way of Education

School Route Safety

School surveys

School vocational training

Second home tax

Security guarding - apply for a permit

Security guarding - certificate of competence

Security guarding (store detectives, patrols in public areas, doormen) - permit

Self-help groups

Senior citizens' representation/senior citizens' office

Sensory disability allowance decision: objection

Sensory Disability Benefit

Set up playground equipment

Severely disabled persons Request approval for termination of employment

Sheep-goat premium

Shipment of waste in Germany and Europe Consent for waste according to the "yellow" waste list and all other waste destined for disposal

Shipments of waste in Germany and Europe Consent for waste under the "green" waste list

Short-time allowance

Short-time allowance approval

Show arms manufacture and/or arms trade

Show birth

Show birth of child on German sea vessel

Show blasting

Show combustion plants

Show earth excavation

Show equipment removal

Show fishing hedge plan

Show handling of airbag and pretensioner units

Show home birth

Show persons responsible for explosives

Show travel business card free activity

simple information from the civil register - request

Single point of contact for start-ups and entrepreneurs Administrative procedures via a single point of contact Handling

Slot machine tax

Small fireworks exception permit obtained

Social and socio-educational professions - Recognize foreign professional qualifications

Social assistance services as health counseling for families with infants

socio-educational specialists: state recognition

Soil protection

Spatial observation

Special numbers Establishment of citizen telephone - Military flight operations

Special obligation to report in hospitals, homes and similar institutions Information

Special official custody of a disposition of property upon death (e.g. will)

Special school

Special use of roads - apply for permission outside the locality

Special use of roads - apply for permission to restrict traffic space

Special use of roads - apply for permission within the locality

Special use of roads - apply for special permission to offer goods or services on the road

Special use of roads - events in the public traffic area Application for exemption and permission

Special use of roads - inform about traffic space restrictions

Special use of roads - permission to put up posters obtained

Special use of roads - request change of a sidewalk crossing

Special use of roads - request parking lot closure for parade

Special use of roads - requesting maintenance of a sidewalk crossing.

Special use of roads - requesting the construction of a sidewalk crossing

Special use of streets - consent obtained for the construction, alteration, or maintenance of a sidewalk crossing

Special use permit on public streets and squares - apply for underground special use (lines such as plant lines, pipe and cable lines for electricity, gas, district heating, water and wastewater with house connections)

Specialist - Recognize foreign professional qualifications

Specialist dentist - Recognize foreign professional qualifications

Specialized pharmacist - Recognize foreign professional qualifications

Species protection (Washington Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species) - Marketing authorization

Species protection granting a special permit and exemption

Species protection: Obligation to report protected species

Sports promotion

Sports promotion municipal

Stand permit

Standard land value map - information or extracts

Start-up grant approval

State-certified food chemist - Recognize foreign professional qualifications

Storage group classification of explosives and articles containing explosives (includes pyrotechnic articles)

Store opening hours

Street cleaning

Street sale - exemption

Study abroad

Submission in case of exemption from approval of a building project

Submitting a preliminary building application (preliminary building permit)

Submitting an emissions declaration as the operator of an installation requiring a permit

Substances hazardous to water: Specialist company - Proof of specialist company status


Sunday and holiday employment: Exception permit (urgently needed in the public interest).

Sunday and holiday employment: Exemption permit (for chemical, biological, technical or physical reasons).

Sunday and holiday employment: Exemption permit (holding of house and order fairs, employment of workers in commercial trade).

Sunday and holiday employment: Exemption permit (prevention of disproportionate harm in special circumstances).

Sunday employment: Exemption permit (carrying out the inventory required by law).

Sundays open for sale

Support for companies with the coronavirus consequences Information provision.

Surveillance of quality assurance systems at manufacturers of explosives according to EC Directive 93/15/EEC and of pyrotechnic articles according to EC Directive 2007/23/EC

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Take the dangerous goods driver exam

Take the dangerous goods safety adviser exam

Take the fishing exam (fishing exam acceptance)

Taking narcotics with you when traveling abroad Certificate

Tasks and powers of the regulatory authorities

Tax administration service - Recognize foreign professional qualifications as career qualification

Tax class - change upon marriage

Tax class - change upon separation

Tax consultant - appointment

Tax consultant recognize foreign professional qualification

Tax consulting company - recognition

Tax forms

Tax office

Technical assistance in connection with nuclear facilities in certain countries Approval

technical service - Recognize foreign professional qualifications as career qualification

Telecommunications service providers - notification/disclosure requirement

Temporary full-time care for foster children, accompaniment

Termination of activity as publicly appointed and sworn expert in the field of agriculture and forestry, including horticulture and fisheries

Test engineers for fire protection - apply for recognition

Test engineers for stability - apply for recognition

Testing and confirmation bodies for certification services - Recognition

Testing experts for earthwork and foundation engineering - apply for recognition

Testing experts for technical systems and equipment - applying for recognition

Therapeutic full-time care for foster children

Third party inspectors for commercial waste Announcement

Thuringia consolidation fund for small and medium-sized enterprises

Thuringia Dynamics - Promotion

Thuringia Invest - Promotion

Thuringia year

To apply for the amendment of a registration certificate part II


Trade and brokering transactions related to NBC weapons or military uses in arms embargo countries Authorization

Trade subject to authorization: Information

Trade with / import of plant protection products - notification

Traffic control measures for construction sites and construction measures Obtain order

Traffic offences - granting access to files

Traffic sign - request installation (StVO)

Training centers for continuing education in the health and social care professions

Training grant approval

Training support counseling

Transfer permit for the intra-Community transport of civil explosives and ammunition

Transport infrastructure - Applying for funding for municipal transport infrastructure projects in Thuringia

Transport of dangerous goods - Apply for recognition of training organizers for training in the transport of dangerous goods.

Travel with pets (pets)


Tuberculosis Counseling

Tuition fees

Type approval for playground equipment