Services A to Z

E (82 hits)

Early intervention for children with disabilities

Earth excavation - Indicate work with direct or indirect impact on groundwater.

Earth excavation - Show work with an unintended groundwater development.

EC Services Directive

EC type examination of civil explosives according to EC Directive 93/15/EEC and of pyrotechnic articles according to EC Directive 2007/23/EC

Economic development regional

Economic experts - public appointment/swearing in

Economic, social and socio-scientific service - Recognize foreign professional qualifications as career qualification

Education funding: announce changes

Education grant repayment

Education loan approval

Education voucher issuance

Educational leave in accordance with the Thuringian Educational Leave Act (ThürBfG)

Educational Support

Educational, marriage, family and life counseling

Egg packing station - apply for approval

Election of the local people's representation

electronic proof of identity activation

electronic proof of identity activation for the first time

electronic proof of identity blocking

electronic proof of identity deactivation retroactively

electronic proof of identity granting insight into readable data for providers on the Internet or vending machines

electronic proof of identity provide insight

electronic proof of identity storage

electronic proof of identity storage of fingerprints

electronic proof of identity storage of signature certificates

electronic proof of identity unblocking

Electronic residence permit

Electronic scrap disposal

Electronic signatures: Certification authority - Display

Electronic wage tax deduction characteristics (ELStAM) Request change

Elementary school

EMAS register entry

Emergency Nutrition Preparedness

Emergency services of panel (dentists) physicians

Employment of young people during school vacations

Employment on Sundays and public holidays: Exemption permit (unreasonable impairment of competitiveness due to longer operating hours abroad).

End guardianship by the youth welfare office

Energy certificate

Energy consulting

Energy supply: Charges for network access - Approval

Energy supply: Operation of energy supply networks - approval

Energy supply: Supply of energy to household customers - Display

Enforcement authorities under the Thuringian Administrative Service and Enforcement Act

Enforcement of tax debts


Ensuring safety on the way to school

Entry in the joint lists for authorized persons for proof of structural engineering proofs of AKT and IKT according to § 65 ThürBO from March 13, 2014

Entry in the land register

Entry in the register of associations

Environmental Company Information System of the Chambers of Industry and Commerce (Ecofinder)

Environmental Impact Assessment


Erecting, modifying, operating ferry and navigation facilities - permit / authorization

Establishment / restoration of a property / parcel boundary

Establishment and operation of producer associations

Establishment of a cooperative - registration in the register of cooperatives

Establishment of conditional blocking notice in the population register

EU - School program for fruit, vegetables and milk - apply for funding

European election Determine exclusion

European election Have eligibility determined

European election to be entered on the electoral roll as a returnee

European lawyer Apply for admission to the Bar

Excessive Road Use Permits - Apply for an exemption for races or folk walks on public roads.

Exclude inheritance

Exemption for vehicles and vehicle combinations granting obtained: Equipment of vehicles with blue flashing lights and emergency horn

Exemption for vehicles and vehicle combinations Issuance for forklift trucks, excavators, graders and shovel loaders

Exercise foreign professional qualifications as a translator

Exercise foreign professional qualifications as an interpreter

Exercise the right of first refusal of the municipality

Expert organization for facilities handling substances hazardous to water - apply for recognition

Expert/expert public appointment and swearing in

Experts of the craft

Explosive ordnance disposal

Explosives Act Notification requirements

Express passport application

Expropriation of land

Extend residence permit for research for beneficiaries of international protection

Extend training period

Extension of the scope of appointment of a publicly appointed and sworn expert in the field of agriculture and forestry including horticulture and fisheries

Extracurricular youth education: Promotion

Eye test center - recognition

F (47 hits)

Facilities for local basic services - apply for funding

Factory Inspectorate

Falconry exam - apply for admission to the falconry hunting license exam

Family book

Family care time Information provision

Family recreation - promotion municipal

Fare losses

Farm animal husbandry - Display

Farrier/farrier apprentice blacksmith - recognition

Federal Volunteer Service (BFD)

Feed Control

File a complaint about working conditions

File a criminal complaint

Filing an appeal against decisions of the DPMA

Financial investment intermediary permit application

Fipronil residues in eggs

Fire and disaster protection: Volunteer work

Fire protection

Firearms license - issuance

Firefighting technical service - Recognition of foreign professional qualifications as career qualification

First names change order

Fisheries levy - applying for funding from the fisheries levy (FAG) in Thuringia

Fishery Apply for exemption according to the implementing regulation to the Thuringian Fishery Act (closed seasons and minimum sizes)

Fishing electrofishing (fishing with electricity) - apply for a permit

Fishing exam Apply for admission

Fishing vacation fishing license (quarterly fishing license in Thuringia) issuance and renewal application

Fitness to drive - have courses for the restoration of fitness to drive recognized

Fixed shooting range Apply for permission to operate

Flood 2013 Information on emergency aid

Flood / flood protection

Food monitoring

Food safety: cross-check experts - apply for approval

Foreign driver's license - have it rewritten

Foreign financial investment intermediaries and financial investment advisors activity show

Forest - clear cutting permit application

Forest first afforestation - apply for permission

Forest products: Commercial collection - permission

Forest Thuringia state program for coping with the consequences of extreme weather events in the forest - submit an application for a grant

Forestry - conversion of forest to another type of use Apply for a permit

Forestry Association Recognition

Forestry community recognition

Forms and statutes (municipality)

Forwarding order

Foundation recognition

Full-time care - upbringing in a foster family

Full-time care for older children and adolescents, accompaniment

Funerals - authorization to carry out