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Vacation offers


Vaccination damage

Vector data

Vehicle license plate - apply for a green license plate for a tax-exempt motor vehicle

Vehicle license plate - Apply for a license plate

Vehicle license plate replacement request

VE-Register: Register for declarations of completeness according to the Packaging Ordinance

Verify trader reliability for trades requiring monitoring

Vertebrate pest control, applying for a permit for commercial killing or stunning

Veterinarian - Recognize further training title of specialist veterinarian

Veterinarian - registering professional practice with state veterinary chamber

Veterinarian Apply for permission to practice temporarily

Veterinary Affairs

Veterinary assistant - Determining the equivalence of a foreign professional qualification

Veterinary certificate for the identification of a dog according to the Thuringian Chippflichtverordnung (compulsory chip ordinance)

Veterinary medicine cabinet - show

Veterinary Medicines

Veterinary surgeon - temporary exercise of the profession in the context of the provision of services under European law - report

Victims' associations

View electronic wage tax deduction characteristics

View European Election Electoral Roll

View urban land use planning (development plan and land use plan)

Village renewal and development - applying for funding

Vocational guidance

Vocational guidance

Vocational schools

Vocational training - advising and reviewing training companies (advising and reviewing existing or potential training companies).

Vocational training - requesting compensation for members of the vocational training committee and examination board

Vocational training in agriculture and home economics

Vocational training in the dual system

Vocational training: Trainers - certify vocational and occupational pedagogical aptitude.

Voluntary Ecological Year

Voluntary military service (FWD)

Voluntary social year