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Vacation offers


Vector data

Vehicle license plate - apply for a green license plate for a tax-exempt motor vehicle

Vehicle license plate - Apply for a license plate

Vehicle license plate replacement request

Vehicle registration - applying for the deregistration of a vehicle

Vehicle registration - exemption for Ukrainian vehicles

VE-Register: Register for declarations of completeness according to the Packaging Ordinance

Verify trader reliability for trades requiring monitoring

Vertebrate pest control, applying for a permit for commercial killing or stunning

Veterinarian Apply for permission to practice temporarily

Veterinarian - Recognize further training title of specialist veterinarian

Veterinarian - registering professional practice with state veterinary chamber

Veterinary Affairs

Veterinary assistant - Determining the equivalence of a foreign professional qualification

Veterinary certificate for the identification of a dog according to the Thuringian Chippflichtverordnung (compulsory chip ordinance)

Veterinary medicine cabinet - show

Veterinary Medicines

Veterinary surgeon - temporary exercise of the profession in the context of the provision of services under European law - report

Victims' associations

View electronic wage tax deduction characteristics

View European Election Electoral Roll

View urban land use planning (development plan and land use plan)

Village renewal and development - applying for funding

Vine - Apply for replanting rights

Violence against women helpline

Vocational guidance

Vocational guidance

Vocational schools

Vocational training: Trainers - certify vocational and occupational pedagogical aptitude.

Vocational training - advising and reviewing training companies (advising and reviewing existing or potential training companies).

Vocational training in agriculture and home economics

Vocational training in the dual system

Voluntary Ecological Year

Voluntary military service (FWD)

Voluntary social year