Services A to Z

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Obligation to register during stay in hospital or nursing home

Obligation to register for inland skippers and seafarers

Obligation to register in accommodation facilities

Obligation to report

Obtain a certificate for carrying narcotics when traveling abroad

Obtain advice on the prevention, recycling and disposal of waste

Obtain a permit for waste management activities

Obtain certificate of instruction in the guarding trade

Obtain exemption for single journeys over 3.5 t

Obtain exemption for single trips

Obtain exemption for vehicles and vehicle combinations: private use of a vehicle for fire protection purposes

Obtain expert opinion from IHK for start-up subsidy

Obtain hiking maps and special maps

Obtain historical topographic maps

Obtain information from the Central Vehicle Register

Obtain information from the civil register

Obtain official certificate of competence to stun or kill vertebrate animals

Obtain proof of successful participation in training for the security industry

Obtain topographic maps

Occupational safety and health

Offers of the youth social work

Official gazette publication

Official medical assessment / examinations

Official recognition of experts for the acceptance of temperament tests for dogs according to §§ 8 and 9 ThürTierGefG

Official recognition of the experts for the acceptance of expert examinations for owners of dangerous dogs or other dangerous animals

Official site plan for the building application

Offsetting and reimbursement of deductions for construction work

Offset wastewater levy

One-time benefits when a foster child is admitted

Online ID card function Change PIN

Open geodata: Raster data

Open property issues

Operation of systems requiring monitoring Receipt of an accident or damage report

Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany (Federal Cross of Merit)

Order plant inspection by experts

Order the cessation or removal of an earth excavation

Organ Donation

Organic farming: private inspection body - approval

Out of force - applying for a child's passport for the first time

Out of force - child passport extension

Out of force - children's passport change due to change of address

Over-the-counter medicines Take expertise test for sale

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Parcel delivery service - permit / notification requirement pursuant to § 36 of the Postal Act

Parcel of land formation by merging; request for land unification certification

Parental leave: advise and inform

Parking facilitation Permit for doctors received

Parking facilities for severely disabled people - marking preserved

Parking facilities for severely disabled people - person-related parking space preserved

Parking permit and parking facilitation for severely disabled persons received

Parking permit apply for exception permit for craftsmen

Parking permit - apply for reissuance of resident parking permit due to loss or damage (replacement).

Parking permit exemption for social institutions and social services

Parking permit exemption for tradesmen and freelancers

Parking permit - have resident parking permit renewed

Parking Permit Request exemption for parking as a family caregiver or caregiver.

Parking permit - Resident parking permit application

Participation in the planning approval process for grid expansion projects, submission of comments on electricity grid expansion projects, registration for events

Participation of children in events - approval

Part-time during parental leave

Passenger transportation - cab permit obtained

Passenger transport - authorization for occasional transport by bus and coach for both national and EU transport (EU licenses).

Passenger transport - car rental permit issuance

Passenger transport - Permission for transport by streetcars

Passport issuance new due to change of other data

Passport issuance new due to name change in case of divorce or dissolution of a civil partnership

Passport replacement in the event of passport loss abroad

Passport status query

Patent Attorney - Admission

Pawnbroking business permit application

Pay business tax

Pay compensatory levy for non-employment of severely disabled persons

Pay development charge

Pay fees when adopting abroad

Pay fishing tax

Paying vehicle tax

Pay payroll tax

Pension consulting - permission

Perform time synchronization of computers

Permission for reburial of corpses or urns Issuance

Permission for the use of an approved plant protection product in another application area according to § 22 (2) PflSchG

Permission for the use of plant protection products on non-crop land according to § 12 (2) PflSchG

Permission for the use of the federal eagle obtained

Permission to acquire and possess weapons and ammunition

Permission to use the professional title "geriatric nurse" or "geriatric nurse" in case of professional qualification from EU/EEA/Switzerland Issuance

Permission to use the professional title "geriatric nurse" or "geriatric nurse" in the case of professional qualification from third countries Issuance

Permission to use the professional title "health care and pediatric nurse" or "health care and pediatric nurse" with professional qualification from EU/EEA/Switzerland Issuance

Permit for the acquisition, possession and carrying of firearms and ammunition by guarding companies and their guarding personnel Issuance for guarding tasks on seagoing vessels (Section 31 (1) of the Trade, Commerce and Industry Regulation Act)

Permit obtained for large and heavy transport

Pest control

Pest control expertise test prove

Pest control professionally: notification to start activities for the first time or after an interruption of more than one year.

Petition to the Thuringian Parliament

Pharmaceutical production - permission

Pharmaceuticals and medical devices

Pharmacist: Temporary exercise of the profession of pharmacist in the context of the provision of services under European law - report

Physician - Temporary exercise of the profession in the context of the provision of services under European law - report

Pick up identity card

Piercing/Tattoo: Operation of a studio

Place of residence Deregistration of sole or main residence

Place of residence - registration of the sole or main residence

Plan and register parental leave

Plan approval

Plant protection product application for others - Display

Police Civil Service - Recognizing Foreign Professional Qualifications as Career Qualifications

Police stations

Political party: foundation

Political prisoners request support

Portable firing range - indicate commencement or termination of operation

Portable shooting range Apply for permission to operate

Possession of weapons as a result of inheritance Request permission

Possession of weapons for customary use Apply for a permit

POW compensation

Pregnancy and pregnancy conflict counseling

Premises (municipal) - rental

Pre-register sales tax

Pre-registration office

Press charges against others

Press Law

Press law - administrative offenses

Price monitoring

Printout from the birth register


Private equity company - recognition

Private hospital apply for concession

Private university: Recognition

Probate guardianship order

Problems with offices and institutions

Producer organizations fruit and vegetables - apply for funding

Production of or trade in spirits - registration

Professional driver education and training center - apply for recognition

Professional driver training - registration in the driver's license

Program for the Promotion of Nature Conservation and Landscape Management Measures in Thuringia" (NALAP)

Promoting the integration of people with a migration background

Promotion of partial retirement

Promotion of projects and measures of regional development and shaping the consequences of demographic change

Promotion of research, technology and innovation

Promotion - State Tourism Program (Improvement of Competitiveness in Thuringian Tourism)

Property tax fixing

Property tax notice for land received

Prostitution activity registration extend

Prostitution business Apply for permission to operate

Prostitution business Display installation of a prostitution vehicle

Protection against non-ionizing radiation - Inspection of equipment - Notification as inspection body

Protection of minors - Information

Protection of Sundays and public holidays - exceptions

Provide aids to health

Psychosocial counseling

Public appointment and swearing in as an expert for agriculture, forestry, horticulture and fisheries

Public appointment and swearing-in of samplers

Public gambling (sports betting): Permission mediation

Public games of chance (lotteries, draws): Event - Permission

Public law change of the family name

Publicly appointed and sworn in as a particularly competent auctioneer

Public meeting - register

Public participation as part of the planning approval process for grid expansion projects

Publish insolvency proceedings

Pupil travel costs

Pursue maintenance claims against a person living abroad

Pyrotechnics: Burning by permit or certificate holders - notification