Apprenticeship register for the skilled trades: registration of vocational training relationships

Service Description

For the purpose of regulating, monitoring, promoting and providing evidence of vocational training in recognized training occupations, the Chamber of Skilled Crafts keeps a register of the vocational training relationships existing in its area of responsibility, also known as the apprenticeship register.

Every craft enterprise that hires an apprentice must conclude a training contract with the apprentice and submit it to the responsible Chamber of Crafts. The Chamber of Skilled Crafts checks whether the training contract complies with the legal requirements and the training ordinance and whether the company is authorized to provide training. If these requirements are met, the chamber enters the vocational training contract in the apprenticeship register.

The Chamber of Skilled Crafts advises apprentices, guardians and training companies on the following topics:

  • Apprenticeship occupations in the skilled trades
  • Formalities required for entry in the apprenticeship register
  • Certificates for apprenticeships
  • Information on extending or shortening the period of vocational training
  • Funding opportunities
  • Questions about training authorization

Source: Zuständigkeitsfinder Thüringen (Linie6PLus)

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