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The real estate cadastre is an official register of real estate (parcels and buildings) for the entire territory of the state. The establishment and maintenance of the real estate cadastre is a sovereign state task and is carried out by the cadastral divisions of the Thuringian State Office for Land Management and Geoinformation (TLBG). The real estate cadastre combines the formerly separately kept real estate books and real estate maps in a geo-basis information system (also called ALKIS). The real estate map (cadastral map) is the representative part of the real estate cadastre and contains, among other things:

- > Boundaries and designation (number) of the parcels,

- > Buildings including house numbers,

- > actual types of land use,

- > selected topographic information,

- > administrative boundaries (including parish and municipality boundaries),

- > street names.

If a graphical and scaled representation of a parcel of land is required (e.g. for presentation to the building permit authority, as part of the notarization of land transactions or generally for activities in the credit and real estate sector), an extract from the real estate map (cadastral map) must be produced. This extract can be created digitally by anyone in a few steps and free of charge using the Thuringia Viewer application (see link). However, it does not represent an official excerpt in the sense of the Thuringian Surveying and Geoinformation Act (ThürVermGeoG) as amended, so that legally binding information cannot be derived from it. If an official, chargeable extract is required, this can be obtained on request both digitally (see "Start your request directly online:") and analogously from the offices responsible for this.

In addition to the link to the Thuringia Viewer, the following also contains a link to a video presentation with instructions on how to use this application.

Link to Thuringia ViewerLink video to Thuringia Viewer application

Source: Zuständigkeitsfinder Thüringen (Linie6PLus)

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