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If you want to establish and operate a zoo, you need the approval of the lower nature conservation authority responsible for your district or city, located in the district office or the city administration. In addition to the establishment and operation of a zoo, the expansion and significant changes are also subject to approval. The nature conservation authority issues the permit upon application for specific facilities and specific operators and sets a maximum number for the animal population of each species.

Zoos are permanent facilities in which live animals of wild species are kept for a period of at least seven days a year for the purpose of displaying them.

Zoos are permanent establishments where live animals of wild species are kept for exhibition for a period of at least seven days a year.
The following are not considered zoos

  • Circuses,
  • pet shops or
  • enclosures for the keeping of not more than 5 species of native cloven-hoofed game or establishments in which not more than five individuals of other wild species are kept.

Animal enclosures are defined as stationary facilities outside of residential and commercial buildings in which animals of specially protected wild species are kept in captivity.

Source: Zuständigkeitsfinder Thüringen (Linie6PLus)

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