Rehabilitation of SED victims

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The rehabilitation of SED victims and thus the rectification of SED injustice is possible with the Criminal Rehabilitation Act (StrRehaG), the Vocational Rehabilitation Act (BerRehaG) and with the Administrative Rehabilitation Act (VwRehaG).

Rehabilitation under the Criminal Rehabilitation Act:

Under the Criminal Rehabilitation Act (StrRehaG), victims of decisions by GDR courts that were contrary to the rule of law can apply for criminal rehabilitation at the competent Thuringian regional courts in a two-stage procedure and, once rehabilitation has taken place, assert claims in the second stage in the form of capital compensation of 306.78 euros for each month of imprisonment rehabilitated or part thereof, as well as reimbursement of the costs, necessary expenses of the previous criminal proceedings and fines paid.

In the case of a wrongful deprivation of liberty contrary to the rule of law of at least 6 months (180 days), the special allowance for victims of imprisonment (victim's pension) in the amount of a maximum of 250.00 euros per month can be applied for if the beneficiary is particularly impaired in his economic situation.

The same applies if a certificate pursuant to Section 10 (4) of the Prisoner Assistance Act is presented and the applicant resides in Thuringia.

Affected persons who have suffered damage to their health as a result of deprivation of liberty contrary to the rule of law shall, on application, receive care for the health and economic consequences of this damage in corresponding application of the Federal Supply Act (BVG). The care can be provided in the form of a monthly pension.

Rehabilitation according to the Occupational Rehabilitation Act:

Pursuant to the BerRehaG, persons affected who were subjected to occupational disadvantages in the former GDR as a result of wrongful imprisonment or without imprisonment can apply for occupational rehabilitation in order to obtain subsequent claims, particularly in the form of compensation for disadvantages in pension insurance.

Further follow-up claims to occupational rehabilitation are compensation benefits in the event of particular impairment of the economic situation and preferential further occupational training and retraining.

Rehabilitation according to the Administrative Rehabilitation Act:

According to the VwRehaG, affected persons of elementary administrative measures of the GDR organs that are contrary to the rule of law, insofar as the consequences that still continue to have an effect today have led to damage to health, to an encroachment on assets or on the profession, can apply for the annulment or determination of the illegality of these administrative measures contrary to the rule of law in order to establish subsequent claims.

Affected persons who have suffered damage to their health as a result of administrative measures that contravene the rule of law shall likewise receive, upon application, benefits in accordance with the Federal Pensions Act.

Source: Zuständigkeitsfinder Thüringen (Linie6PLus)

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