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Service Description

You can receive financial support from the basic pension scheme for old age and reduced earning capacity.
You can receive financial support. This supports you in
to finance your livelihood finance your living and covers the socio-cultu-
cultural minimum subsistence level. It is a social assistance benefit andand
and fulfills the same function as subsistence assistance, but for a special
but for a special group of people.

You can receive the basic income support if you have not reached the age limit
(this limit is between 66 - 67 years) or
if you are over 18 years old and permanently fully incapacitated for work.
are. In addition, you can also receive benefits for the period he-
for the period in which which you

  • in a workshop for disabled people or with another service provider.and the vocational training area in a workshop for disabled people or with another service provider., or
  • you are in a training relationship for which you receive a budget for training budget.

In addition, the person seeking benefits must be in need of assistance
and have their usual place of residence in Germany.

The scope of the basic benefits is based depends according to your individual
individual needs and your existing income and assets.
The granting of benefitss a prerequisite for the granting of benefits.

Basic benefits basically cover various needs,
These include:

  • the relevant standard needs
  • needs for accommodation and heating, insofar as they areappropriate
  • additional needs, such asfor example
  • additional requirements in case of:
  1. Possession of a severely handicapped pass with
    mark G, or
  2. illness, if for medical reasons a
    special diet is necessary
  3. Pregnancy
  • One-time needs in special situations (e.g.for example
    Initial equipmentfor the apartment)
  • Needs for a sick person-/care insurance

If your income in old age (pension) or in the case of a full reduction in earning capacity is not sufficient for the necessary subsistence, you can apply for basic benefits.

Source: Zuständigkeitsfinder Thüringen (Linie6PLus)

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