Apply for calibration

Service Description

You must the calibration of a single measuring device or a

sample of measuring instruments for compliance with legally defined

requirements by a verification authority apply for verification.

The following can be calibrated can only measuring devices, if they are metrologically

and their and their nature , meet the essential legal requirements

requirements of the German Measurement and Verification fulfill.

If the measuring instrument during the verification test the

requirements is met, an official marking for

for a further verification period admissibility the use in

commercial or official traffic and for measurements in

public in the public interest.

The verification authorities test measuring instruments

  • of the trade: e. g. scales, petrol pumps at filling stations, tank trucks for mineral oil, fare displays in cabs,
  • the occupational safety and environmental protection: e. g. audiometers, exhaust gas measuring devices and
  • the Police: e.g. Breathalyzers, radar measuring devices

For the different types of measuring devices there are different

prescribed by law calibration validity periods, which are specified in the

and and Verification Ordinance.

Source: Zuständigkeitsfinder Thüringen (Linie6PLus)

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