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Service Description

Education in a day group is particularly suitable for children of school age and older who exhibit behavioral problems or developmental delays. This is a type of assistance for upbringing. It can also be suitable for young adults according to §41 SGB VIII.
A day group is a so-called partial inpatient help. During the week, your child will be looked after in a day group during the day after school. Afterwards, however, it can remain in the family and thus in the familiar environment.
Education in a day group means:

  • Your child receives therapeutic and pedagogical care
  • It receives support in integrating into the school and the social environment.
  • It learns in a group how to deal with other children and how to cope with conflicts.
  • It learns to organize its everyday life and receives suggestions for meaningful leisure activities.
  • Parents are intensively involved, for example through counseling sessions, parents' evenings or parent-child meetings.

The goals of education in a day group are

  • the strengthening of the child
  • the strengthening of the parents
  • strengthening the parent-child relationship
  • keeping the child in the family

Source: Zuständigkeitsfinder Thüringen (Linie6PLus)

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