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Disposal, i.e. recycling and/or disposal, including the collection and transport of waste, is subject to the waste law verification procedure. A distinction is made between obligations to keep records and obligations to keep registers, which are regulated in the Ordinance on Records.

Waste producers as well as owners, transporters, collectors and disposers of waste requiring records are obliged to keep records on the basis of the Act on the Promotion of Closed Substance Cycle Waste Management and Ensuring Environmentally Compatible Waste Management (KrWG).

In principle, there is an obligation to keep records for hazardous waste. Private households and small-volume generators who produce no more than two tons of hazardous waste per year are exempt from this obligation. The form of electronic records is regulated in the Ordinance on Waste Recovery and Disposal Records (NachwV).

Whether the specific waste is subject to the verification requirements or whether it must be classified as hazardous waste is determined by the proper classification of the waste according to the Waste Catalogue Ordinance (AVV). Among other things, waste with persistent organic pollutants listed in the POP Waste Monitoring Ordinance is also subject to verification.

If the verification cannot be carried out in the privileged procedure in accordance with the requirements of § 7 of the Verification Ordinance, the verification must be confirmed by the authority responsible for the disposer before disposal.

The TLUBN (Department 74) is the approving authority and supervisory authority for the waste verification procedure and for keeping the register.

Appropriate identification numbers are required for proper electronic record keeping. For the assignment of the disposer. The TLUBN is responsible for the allocation of producer and authorized representative numbers. The forms provided can be used for the application.

Source: Zuständigkeitsfinder Thüringen (Linie6PLus)

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