Request relocation or modification of telecommunication lines in traffic routes

Service Description

You are the owner or operator of public telecommunications networks or telecommunications lines serving public purposes and wish to lay or modify telecommunications lines in public roads. To do this, you need the written or electronic consent of the road authority. The prerequisite for this is the submission of an application in written or electronic form prior to realization of the construction measure.

The application must contain information on the specific location where the pipeline is to be laid, in particular which road and which parts of the road are affected, specifying the network node and the kilometer marking, as well as information on the type and depth of laying.

If a complete application is submitted and the road authority approves the relocation or modification after reviewing the application documents, it issues the approval by means of a notice pursuant to § 127 (1) TKG.
The applicant is obliged to bear the administrative costs.

Under certain conditions, approval is deemed to have been granted after a period of three months following receipt of the complete application. In the case of only minor construction measures that are notified in full to the infrastructure management agency, consent is deemed to have been granted if the infrastructure management agency does not request that a corresponding application be submitted within one month.

Source: Zuständigkeitsfinder Thüringen (Linie6PLus)

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