Fishing vacation fishing license (quarterly fishing license in Thuringia) issuance and renewal application

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Anyone who wants to practice fishing needs a fishing license (fishing license requirement according to § 26 para 1 ThürFischG). This is issued by the municipality responsible for the place of residence on application, provided that one has passed a fishing examination or there are facts that do not require the passing of the fishing examination. In Thuringia, it is also possible to acquire a quarter-year fishing license without having to take a fishing exam. This entitles you only to fish with a hand-held fishing rod and can be obtained in the municipality in whose jurisdiction you wish to fish.

For fishing in the respective waters, you also need a permit to fish, which must be obtained from the person entitled to fish (owner of the fishing right) or from the lessee of the fishing right of the water. Before purchasing the quarterly fishing permit, please inquire whether permits are issued to holders of quarterly fishing permits for the body of water.

Fishing with the quarterly fishing license in Thuringia - brochure

Source: Zuständigkeitsfinder Thüringen (Linie6PLus)

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