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Media that are harmful to minors can be indexed by the BPjM. Media are harmful to minors if they are likely to

  • the development of children and young people or
  • to endanger the development of children and young people or their upbringing as responsible and socially competent individuals.

In the event of an indexing, the fundamental rights of third parties must be taken into account, such as freedom of art or freedom of expression.

Indexing does not lead to an absolute ban. This means that adults continue to have access. The aim of indexing is to prevent children and young people from being confronted with media that are harmful to minors.

At the same time, the BPjM's ratings provide parents and media educators with guidance as to which media content violates the social-ethical value system and which educational goals are endangered.

Depending on the type of medium, an indexing has different consequences:

  • Internet offerings, for example, websites, online games or film files on video platforms count as telemedia. Indexed telemedia are included in the non-public section of the list of media harmful to minors. Extensive distribution and advertising restrictions apply.
  • Physical media, for example books, Blu-rays, DVDs or games on Blu-rays, DVDs, CDs, modules and memory cards count as carrier media. Restrictions apply to indexed carrier media in terms of delivery, presentation, distribution, sales and advertising. They are announced in the Federal Gazette and published in the Federal Review Board's specialist journal (BPjM aktuell).
  • Radio and television are counted as broadcasting. Indexed media may generally not be broadcast on radio.
  • Regularly published media can, under certain conditions, additionally be pre-indexed for a period of up to twelve months, i.e. over several issues.

The indexing of a medium can only be applied for or suggested by authorized bodies under the Protection of Minors Act. In the case of suggestions, the BPjM examines ex officio whether indexing proceedings should be initiated.

If, as a private individual, you consider a medium to be harmful to minors, you can contact numerous offices, for example in your municipality. For example, all youth welfare offices, schools and police authorities are authorized to do so.

If you would like to check whether a particular medium has already been indexed and included in the public or non-public list, you can send an e-mail query to

Source: Zuständigkeitsfinder Thüringen (Linie6PLus)

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