Authorization certificate according to PAuswG Issuance

Service Description

An authorization certificate is required for every electronic service that can be used with the online ID card, which authorizes the authentication and authentication of users and service providers.

The following can apply for an authorization certificate

  • Service providers and
  • Identification service providers
  • On-site service providers

A distinction is made between the following authorizations:

  • Proof of identity vis-à-vis online service providers,
  • on-site reading at service providers and
  • Proof of identity vis-à-vis identification service providers.

Proof of identity for online service providers

The authorization certificate gives you permission to request and process data from ID cards to identify the holder. The authorization certificate and the verified electronic keys enable technical access. This allows you to integrate the online ID function as a digital means of identification in your own online service or in a vending machine or terminal.
In your application, you must explain why you are interested in using the online ID function and how you will use the personal data of the ID card holder. You must also ensure that the data is adequately protected.

On-site reading at service providers

Wherever personal data such as name and address are to be transferred to a form, an on-site readout is recommended. The data is read and transferred electronically.
The ID card holder is present in person. The holder of the authorization must identify the ID card holder using the printed photograph and their personal details before the data is read out.
In the case of on-site reading, the PIN does not need to be entered by the ID card holder. It is replaced by the entry or technical recording of the access number (Card Access Number - CAN) on the front of the ID card by the holder of the authorization.

Proof of identity vis-à-vis identification service providers

Companies and authorities can use a certified third-party service for proof of identity. The so-called identification service providers make the data from the use of the online ID function available to companies and authorities in individual cases.
Identification service providers must apply for the authorization and the authorization certificate instead of the service providers.

You must also have your service certified by the Federal Office for Information Security.

The authorizations are valid for a maximum of 3 years. In the event of a breach of the declaration made and the law, they can be withdrawn immediately at any time.


As the applicant organization, you must commission the authorization certificate provider (BerCA) yourself. This means: On the basis of the positive authorization decision from the Federal Office of Administration (BVA), you conclude a contract directly with the authorization certificate provider (BerCA) for the technical procurement of the authorization certificate and the revocation lists.

Source: Zuständigkeitsfinder Thüringen (Linie6PLus)

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