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Adult education is an independent part of the entire education system. It provides opportunities to acquire or increase knowledge and skills through voluntary resumption of organized learning. Adult education serves general, political, cultural and vocational education. It is intended to promote independent judgment, to stimulate intellectual debate, and to assist in coping with life's problems. Adult education should promote the willingness of individuals to engage in lifelong learning, contribute to equal opportunities and help to reduce educational deficits. Adult education, as the fourth pillar of the education system, is open to all citizens, regardless of their financial means, place of residence or family situation.

General continuing education imparts knowledge and skills with regard to individual, environmental, socio-political and social issues so that you can actively and constructively participate in shaping your living environment.

Cultural continuing education serves to establish identity through the acquisition of skills and knowledge and contributes to the conscious perception of cultural processes and their shaping.

Political further education includes offers that deal with social, political, economic and ecological contexts of public life. It aims to promote democratic awareness and to show ways of participating in public life.

Continuing vocational education and training serves to maintain or expand the professional knowledge and skills of employees or to adapt them to the current state of knowledge in a particular occupation.

In the Free State of Thuringia, there are numerous opportunities for adults to continue their education. Supported by the political authorities in Thuringia, the recognized adult education institutions offer a wide range of continuing education courses.

At present, 12 independent institutions, 3 residential adult education centers and 23 adult education centers affiliated with the Thüringer Volkshochschulverband e.V. are recognized in Thuringia as adult educationinstitutions eligible for funding. The Thuringian Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports is responsible for the recognition of adult education institutions and continuing education events within the framework of the Thuringian Adult Education Act.

Recognized adult education institutions

Source: Zuständigkeitsfinder Thüringen (Linie6PLus)

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