Change vehicle data or owner data

Service Description

If the owner data or vehicle data of your car, motorcycle or trailer changes, you must notify your responsible vehicle registration authority.
Holder details change if you change your name, for example if you get married. You must also inform the registration authority of any change of address if you move house.

Technical data changes, for example

  • Changes to the vehicle class
  • Change in cubic capacity, rated power, fuel type or energy source
  • Increase in the maximum speed determined by the type of construction
  • Reduction of the maximum speed determined by the design, if this is relevant to the driving license or registration
  • Modification of the permissible axle loads, the total mass, the vertical load or the trailer load
  • Increase in vehicle dimensions, except for passenger cars and motorcycles
  • Changes to the number of seats or standing room in buses and coaches
  • Changes to the exhaust or noise values, insofar as they affect vehicle tax or traffic bans
  • Changes to the vehicle

Depending on the change, the registration authority will issue you with

  • new registration documents and
  • new stamp stickers for your vehicle in the event of a license plate change.

You can visit your registration authority in person or appoint a representative.

Source: Zuständigkeitsfinder Thüringen (Linie6PLus)

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