Adoption (adoption agency)

Service Description

Adoption is intended to provide the child with security and care in a new family while respecting the child's own biography. The adoption of a child is only considered when it is clear that a life perspective in the family of origin is not given even with support offers. The central aspect of an adoption is the well-being of the child. The task of the adoption agencies is to place children with the most suitable applicants, not to look for "suitable" children for them.

Legal consequences of adopting a minor

With the pronouncement of adoption as a child by the competent family court, all rights and obligations between the child and his or her natural parents and relatives expire - exceptions are made in the case of adoption by a stepparent or relative and the adoption of an adult. The adopted child becomes a stranger in relation to his/her natural parents and relatives. The only exception is the prohibition of marriage for relatives in a straight line. The adopted child becomes the common child of the adoptive parents and receives the legal status of a natural child. The child receives the surname of the adoptive parents as its birth name. If they do not have a common surname, they may designate the name of the adoptive mother or father as the birth name. If the child has a foreign nationality, he or she acquires German nationality upon effective adoption as a child in accordance with German law, if the adopter is German.

Who can adopt a child and how old may adoptive parents be?

Married couples can only adopt jointly. Persons who are not married can only adopt a child alone. In the case of adoption by a married couple, one spouse must have reached the age of twenty-five and the other spouse must have reached the age of twenty-one. If a person adopts a child alone, he or she must have reached the age of twenty-five. An upper age limit for adoptive parents is not specified in current law. However, the age of the adoptive parents should correspond to a natural age difference in relation to the child.

Source: Zuständigkeitsfinder Thüringen (Linie6PLus)

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