Motor vehicle registration - trailer registration application

Service Description

You apply for the registration of your motor vehicle trailer (motor vehicle trailer) at the registration authority in whose area you have your residence or place of business. Motor vehicle trailers can be registered to private individuals and legal entities or companies as vehicle owners, i.e. also to:

  • Companies,
  • authorities or
  • associations.

Motor vehicle trailers are exempt from registration if they are

  • are not used for journeys exceeding 25 km/h and either
    • for agricultural or forestry purposes behind tractors or self-propelled machines,
    • in the form of caravans and luggage vans in the fairground industry, or
    • are used as mobile construction huts.

In addition, without speed limit, are exempt from registration:

  • Working machines,
  • Special trailers for transporting sports equipment, animals for sports purposes or lifeboats,
  • trailers of the fire department and civil protection,
  • single-axle trailers behind motorcycles, mopeds and motorized ambulances,
  • agricultural or forestry implements, and
  • Seat carts carried behind single-axle agricultural or forestry tractors or work machines.

Note: For a motor vehicle trailer that has already been registered, provided that it has not been completely taken out of service in the meantime, you only need to submit an application for re-registration in the event of a change of owner.

Source: Zuständigkeitsfinder Thüringen (Linie6PLus)

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