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As a parent, you are entitled to unpaid time off to care for and raise your child. This parental leave lasts up to 3 years.

As a rule, parents take their parental leave until the child's 3rd birthday. However, it is also possible to divide this up so that you take some or all of the parental leave between the child's 3rd and 8th birthday.

Registering parental leave

Both parents can take parental leave, regardless of whether the other parent takes parental leave. Each parent is entitled to 3 years of parental leave. The decisive factor is that you have registered your parental leave informally and in good time with your employer. The employer is obliged to confirm the parental leave.

Planning parental leave

You can take parental leave as long as you meet certain requirements.

Those entitled to parental leave are free to choose the start date of their parental leave. Parental leave usually begins

  • for mothers after the maternity protection period, i.e. 8 weeks after the birth of the child.
  • for the other parent from the birth of the child at the earliest.

You can divide your parental leave into 3 periods or take it all at once. The decisive factor for the division is whether the parental leave or parts of the parental leave

  • before the 3rd birthday or
  • between the 3rd birthday and the 8th birthday

of your child.

If you register for parental leave within the first 3 years of your child's life, a commitment period of two years applies. For this period, you must make a binding declaration to your employer as to how you would like to take parental leave during these two years from the start of parental leave. If you only announce part of your parental leave during this commitment period, you cannot subsequently register any further parental leave for the commitment period.

You must notify your employer of your parental leave during the commitment period no later than 7 weeks before the desired start date.

If you register parental leave between your child's 3rd birthday and 8th birthday, you are free to choose when and whether you want to take the remaining months.

You must notify your employer of parental leave during this period no later than 13 weeks before the desired start date.

Extending parental leave

You can extend your parental leave at any time if you have not yet used up the full 3 years. The employer must agree to the extension if you are still in the commitment period. Outside of the commitment period, parental leave can also be declared without the employer's consent, subject to the registration deadline.

If you wish to extend your parental leave, this does not count as a new period unless you have returned to your original employment relationship in the meantime.

Ending parental leave early

You can terminate your parental leave prematurely at any time with the consent of your employer. Parental leave can only be terminated early without the employer's consent in special cases:

  • due to the birth of another child or
  • due to particular hardship: serious illness, severe disability or death of a parent or child, serious threat to the parents' livelihood.

If the child dies during parental leave, parental leave ends no later than 3 weeks after the date of death.

Source: Zuständigkeitsfinder Thüringen (Linie6PLus)

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