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Hoof and claw shoeing in Germany may only be carried out by certified and state-approved farriers. This does not apply to the practice of shoeing by employees subject to social insurance contributions or trainees, insofar as they work under the supervision of farriers. This also excludes veterinary work and work that is merely concerned with the usual everyday cleaning and care of hooves and claws.

Farriery includes the totality of all operations performed on a hoof for the purpose of protection, health maintenance, correction or treatment. Hoof shoeing includes the totality of all operations involved in the application, repair, or removal of a shoe to the hoof of an animal when that animal is to be used as a draft, pack, or riding animal.

The specialized training at farriery schools may only be carried out by certified and state-approved farriery instructors.

Examination certificates in the field of farriery and hoof shoeing obtained outside Germany may be treated as equivalent in accordance with the Farriery Recognition Ordinance. This ordinance also regulates the procedure for state recognition for persons with equivalent examination certificates.

Source: Zuständigkeitsfinder Thüringen (Linie6PLus)

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