Obtain expert opinion from IHK for start-up subsidy

Service Description

Expert opinions are used by employment agencies, job centers and other funding institutions as a decision-making aid for the granting of a subsidy in connection with the start-up of a business. On the basis of the documents to be submitted by the applicant, the opinion is formally issued. A prerequisite for the start-up grant is that an expert body has examined your business idea and considers it to be viable.

You should first clarify any questions relating to the grant with the relevant employment agency. This is also where you apply for the start-up grant.

You can choose the contact person for the statement. This can be, for example, the Chamber of Industry and Commerce.

During the viability test, your start-up concept is checked for plausibility and comprehensibility. The decisive factor is whether you can live from the implementation of the business idea after a start-up phase.

In addition to the Chamber of Industry and Commerce, other bodies can also assess the viability of your project:

  • Chambers of Crafts,
  • professional chambers (e.g. architects, medical chambers, guilds),
  • trade associations,
  • credit institutions,
  • Others (tax advisors, auditors, start-up initiatives, etc.).

In the event of justified doubts, the employment agency may again request the submission of an opinion from an expert body.

Source: Zuständigkeitsfinder Thüringen (Linie6PLus)

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