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Service Description

The payment of child benefit does not depend on your income. The amount is staggered according to the number of your children:

  • for the first and second child EUR 219.00 each,
  • for the third child EUR 225,00 and
  • for each additional child EUR 250.00

In principle, you are entitled to child benefit from the birth of your child until the 18th birthday. Even after that, you may still be entitled to child benefit, but at most until your child's 25th birthday:

  • Children between 18 and 21: You will get child benefit if
    • your child is not gainfully employed and
    • is registered as a job seeker.
  • Children between 18 and 25: You will get child benefit if
    • Your child is in training (school/job/study),
    • Your child is in a transitional period lasting a maximum of four months, for example, between graduation from school and vocational training or a recognized voluntary service.
    • Your child cannot start or continue his/her training because he/she has not found a training place.
    • Your child is doing a recognized voluntary service.
    • If your child has already completed initial vocational training but is still in training, for example, and works up to 20 hours per week.

If your child has a disability and cannot support himself or herself financially, you are entitled to child benefits even after your child's 25th birthday. However, the disability must have occurred before the child's 25th birthday and must have been the cause of your child's inability to support himself or herself financially.

Child benefit will be paid to you if your child lives in your sole household. If the child lives with both parents, you can jointly determine which of you should receive the child benefit.

Source: Zuständigkeitsfinder Thüringen (Linie6PLus)

Competent Authority

Bundesagentur für Arbeit - Familienkasse Sachsen-Anhalt-Thüringen

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Familienkasse der Bundesagentur für Arbeit
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