Request exceptions from the Working Hours Act

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With the approval of the Thuringian State Office for Consumer Protection, you can deviate from the basic regulations on working hours to the extent approved. Such an exceptional approval of longer daily working hours can be granted if the legal requirements are met and you submit a corresponding application.
A deviation from the regulations on working hours is possible for continuous shift operations, construction and assembly sites as well as seasonal and campaign operations in accordance with Section 15 (1) No. 1 a, No. 1 b and No. 2 of the Working Hours Act (ArbZG).

For continuous shift operations, a longer daily working time can be approved in order to achieve additional free shifts. Additional free shifts exist if the extension of working hours results in more free consecutive days for the affected employees than before.

In the case of seasonal and campaign operations, longer daily working hours may also be approved for the period of the season or campaign if the extension of working hours is offset by a corresponding reduction at other times.

For reasons of health protection, daily working hours of more than twelve hours are generally not permitted for both continuous shift operations and seasonal and campaign operations.
It is not necessary to appear in person to submit the application. You can submit the application in writing or electronically.
The extension of daily working hours must be compensated by a corresponding reduction in working hours at other times.
You are not entitled to an exceptional approval. The decision of the Thuringian State Office for Consumer Protection is made according to dutiful discretion. Within the framework of this decision, a balancing of concerns for the protection of the safety and health of employees and the operational interests of the employer takes place.
The approval is granted for a limited period.

Source: Zuständigkeitsfinder Thüringen (Linie6PLus)

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