Information on the further course of the UK's exit from the EU and the direct effects for German citizens

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On Thursday, June 23, 2016, the British population voted in a referendum to leave the European Union. Short-term effects on travel to Great Britain and Northern Ireland, on the right of residence of German citizens in Great Britain or on payment transactions are not currently expected; rather, the withdrawal negotiations are likely to drag on over a longer period.

The fundamental freedoms of the European Single Market (freedom of movement, establishment, services and capital) will continue to apply during the withdrawal negotiations. Overall, the UK must comply with EU law (e.g. the EU treaties as well as directives and regulations) and the case law of the European Court of Justice. It must also not enact any regulations that contradict EU law during this period.


1. can I go on my summer vacation to Great Britain and Northern Ireland?

Until the withdrawal comes into effect, the UK will remain a member of the EU. Therefore, the vote to leave does not initially change the existing entry modalities. German citizens can still enter the country without a visa. Entry requirements for German citizens may change at short notice. Legally binding information on entry requirements can only be obtained directly from the Embassy or one of the Consulates General of the United Kingdom.

Does my health insurance continue to apply in Great Britain?

You must always ask the insurer for information on insurance cover.

Longer stay in Great Britain

1. What does the Brexit vote mean for German employees in the UK?

During the exit negotiations, the EU regulations on the free movement of workers will continue to apply.

2. my child wants to study at a British university starting in the fall semester (alternatively: my child is going on a student exchange to the UK for several months). Are there any changes in the right of residence or in the recognition of British degrees?

In the short term, no changes are expected in the right of residence or in the recognition of degrees. For longer stays, you should follow the legal situation.

Economy and finance

1. Will there be any changes in customs law regarding the import and export of goods to and from Great Britain?

The UK will remain a member of the EU and the European single market until the withdrawal comes into effect. Until then, the current regulations will continue to apply.

2 What will happen to savings in British accounts?

The EU requirements for a national deposit guarantee scheme are not legally affected by the Brexit vote for the time being. There are therefore no changes yet to the possibility of transferring savings to and from British accounts.

Medical care

Until the UK's exit from the EU comes into effect, the free medical services provided by the National Health Service will continue to be available to you in an emergency. For German nationals, the mere presentation of a valid ID card or passport is usually sufficient as proof of entitlement. Nevertheless, it is recommended to carry the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) or a replacement certificate as proof (both documents can be obtained from your health insurance company).

Source: Zuständigkeitsfinder Thüringen (Linie6PLus)

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